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Andrea Camilleri / Five Things you should know about Inspector Montalbano

Andrea Camilleri

Five Things you should know about Inspector Montalbano

11 June 2015
By Chris Simmons

Chris Simmons from Crime Squad shares five things you might not know about everyone's favourite Sicilian detective Montalbano.

1. The name Montalbano is homage to the Spanish writer, Manuel Vazquez Montalban.

2. Inspector Montalbano lives and works in the fictional town of ‘Vigàta’, in the fictional district of ‘Montelusa’. Camilleri based Vigàta on his home town of Porto Empedocle on Sicily's south-west coast.

3. In 2003 Camilleri's home town, Porto Empedocle – on which Vigàta is modelled – took the extraordinary step of changing its official name to that of Porto Empedocle Vigàta.

4. Andrea Camilleri refers to the engaging and multi-faceted character of Montalbano as a "serial killer of characters," meaning that he has developed a life of his own and demands great attention from his author.

5. Best have some food to hand as the descriptions of the Sicilian food are guaranteed to make you salivate!

The Shape of Water is the first book in the Inspector Montalbano series.

The goats of Vigàta once grazed on the trash-strewn site still known as the Pasture. Now local enterprise of a different sort flourishes: drug dealers and prostitutes of every flavour. But their discreet trade is upset when two employees of the Splendour Refuse Collection Company discover the body of engineer Silvio Luparello... apparently deceased in flagrante at the Pasture. The coroner's verdict is death from natural causes - refreshingly unusual for Sicily.

But Inspector Salvo Montalbano, as honest as he is streetwise and as scathing to fools and villains as he is compassionate to their victims, is not ready to close the case - even though he's being pressured by Vigàta's police chief, judge, and bishop...

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