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'Jaime will kill Cersei and their unborn child' / Your Game of Thrones finale predictions

Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey)

'Jaime will kill Cersei and their unborn child': your Game of Thrones finale predictions

Will Arya take Littlefinger’s face? Will Jon and Dany marry? And will Trump make a cameo? Here are your best theories on how season seven will end

Spoiler alert: do not read unless you are up to date with season seven of Game of Thrones.
Guardian readers and Rachel Obordo
Friday 25 August 2017 06.00 BS

‘Arya will take Littlefinger’s face’

Cersei will attempt to spring some sort of trap at the big armistice meeting attended by everyone, probably involving Euron and perhaps the captured Yara and Ellaria Sand. It will be foiled by the dragons and the returning unsullied army, among others. 
Grey Worm and Beric Dondarrion will probably die, as the Lord of Light would only have saved him so many times if he is destined to save the life of Jon the chosen one. In the north, Sansa and Arya will realise Littlefinger’s machinations trying to pit them against each other, and will end up killing him instead. Arya will then take his face and become Littlefinger to keep the loyalty of the armies of the Vale.
Phil, Sweden

‘Jaime will kill Cersei then ask Bronn to kill him’

Jon and Dany will not be able to convince Cersei of the threat of the white walkers, or if they do persuade her they exist, she won’t care. However, other lords will be persuaded, leaving Cersei to have to rely on the golden company to hold on to power along with Euron.
Jaime will also find himself in a bit of a pickle. He’ll believe the threat, but will be torn as he must stay loyal to Cersei. I think he will make the ultimate sacrifice by not only killing Cersei (just as she is about to burn King’s Landing) but also his unborn child. With nothing else to live for he will ask Bronn to kill him. 
Will Bran reveal Jon’s true parentage? What would be cruel and bittersweet would be if Jon never found out his claim to the Iron Throne.
Tingols, 27, Whitstable

‘Cersei has white walker superpowers’

Dany and Jon won’t get together (yet). However, Bran will get his message out that Jon is in fact a Targaryen, news will get to Dany but she will keep it a secret as she knows that Jon is the true heir to the throne. She will sack Tyrion for wanting to reveal this. Jaime will leave King’s Landing and team up with Tyrion – and we will discover that Cersei has white walker superpowers.
Derry Holding, 37, Frankfurt, Germany

‘Dany and Jon will marry’

Dany and Jon will get together and there may well even be a wedding in front of the Weirwood tree. Sam will figure out Jon’s heritage. Qyburn will try to get his hands on the captured wight for further experiments in his lab, and Bran will make some kind of connection with Viserion.
Lola Clarkson, 25, Yorkshire

‘The Night King will be revealed to be a Targaryen’

I assume Cersei joins the fight with the dead. Jon and Daenerys will have their first kiss and the Night King will be revealed to be a Targaryen.
Mohammad Jalilian, 20, Khorramshahr, Iran

‘Rhaegal will burn Qyburn’

While protecting the Wall, Beric will die fighting allowing Tormund to escape. Just when those in King’s Landing are about to come to an agreement, Euron starts mayhem upon finding out Cersei is pregnant. Cleganebowl ends with the Hound killing the Mountain. Rhaegal will burn Qyburn while Drogon burns Bronn who sacrifices himself to let Jaime escape. Over at sea, Theon attempts to rescue Yara but fails and watches his sister get killed by Euron. The fighting stops when the Night King shows up riding Viserion. 
Latigo, 31, Cebu, Philippines

‘Qyburn will transform Cersei into the Night Queen’

I believe Cersei is not pregnant but dying of cancer. When Jon drags the wight to King’s Landing, Qyburn will transform her to an undead-like state, and she will become the Night Queen. Whether she joins with the Night King or fights him, I don’t know, but the rest of the living world will be trapped in a pincer movement between the two undead armies. Final shot of the season will be a dragon laying an egg!
Mary, 66, Pennsylvania, US

‘Brienne will kill Arya (as Littlefinger)’

I have a bad feeling about the Sansa/Arya story, but I don’t believe Arya will kill Sansa. I hope Arya will kill Littlefinger, don his face and go to King’s Landing to kill Cersei – supported perhaps by Sansa. I then think Arya as Littlefinger will be killed by Brienne, as she made it very clear in the last episode how much she dislikes him (we’re all with you, Brienne). This would mean that not only is Arya dead but she is killed by the person sworn to protect her. The killing of Arya as Littlefinger could either be a mistake on Brienne’s part or done under the instruction of Sansa knowing that Arya is Littlefinger.
HMF, 29, Brighton

‘A dragon will ignite Trump’s hair’

Donald Trump will make a guest appearance in the last episode. He will be visiting beyond the Wall. Daenerys’ dragon will ignite the hairspray on his ridiculous barnet, and in blind fear he’ll thrash about then fall over the Wall to his death. 
Queenbee, 58, Wales


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