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Lovers / Jack Kennedy and Ellen Rometsch

Ellen Rometsch 
Jack Kennedy and Ellen Rometsch

August 19, 2009

The most potentially damaging woman in the President’s stable of beautiful sex partners was Ellen Rometsch, a 27-year-old pricey Washington hooker and Elizabeth Taylor look-alike. Born in what had become East Germany, Rometsch was also a suspected spy. If exposed, the Kennedy-Rometsch affair could have become a major national security issue. For a steep price, J. Edgar Hoover kept the lid on it.

by Don Fulsom

Had the American public known in 1963 what they know now about John F. Kennedy’s scores of sexual escapades, would he have been able to survive in office? Though he was charismatic and capable, probably not. Particularly if it were known that one of the President’s girl friends was—as is now reputed—a White House intern. And even more especially, if it were known that one of his bedmates were a prostitute and a reputed Soviet Bloc spy.

The intern, Mimi Beardsley Alford, then 19 and now 66, is penning a memoir—Once Upon a Secret—that claims she had an affair with President Kennedy from June 1962 to November 1963.

With several other White House staffers as always-willing sex partners, the President never had far to go for a fling. Aside from Mimi, there were: Pamela Turnure, Jackie Kennedy’s appointments secretary; White House press aide Priscilla Weiss, code named “Fiddle” by the Secret Service; and press aide Jill Cowan, code named “Faddle.” Jack frequently romped with Fiddle and Faddle—as a nude threesome—in the White House swimming pool.

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