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Jerry Hall calls ex-husband Mick Jagger "a sexual deviant"

Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall calls ex-husband Mick Jagger 

"a sexual deviant" in new book

Jerry Hall Mick Jagger

In a new photo book and autobiography, former model Jerry Hall finally tells all about her decades-long relationship to Mick Jagger. Their romance was tabloid fodder for years, even after their famously ugly divorce, and Hall recently turned down half a million British pounds to reveal Jagger's darkest secrets. Then, out of nowhere, she's out with Jerry Hall: My Life In Pictures, which these excerpts indicate is just as revealing as the Rolling Stones singer feared:
In the summer of 1976, Mick Jagger asked me and my fiance Bryan Ferry out to dinner. Bryan was flattered by his attention, but I could also see Mick was smitten with me. Once, Mick started chasing me around a table-tennis table, trying to kiss me. Bryan came in and chased him out.
One evening in New York, I found myself sitting between Mick and Warren Beatty at a dinner party. They were both fighting for my attention.
Mick had told me he took LSD every day for a year in the Sixties. He also admitted he was smoking heroin. I was disgusted. I told him I couldn’t see him if he took drugs, saying: ‘Go away and don’t come back until you’re straight.’ He succeeded – he had amazing willpower.
We rented an apartment in Paris beside Notre Dame. We made love four times a day, ripping each other’s clothes off. We never got bored or disagreed.
[After having kids] I was occupied with the children while Mick was busy with the Stones, often leaving me at home on my own with the babies. I kept hearing stories of his dalliances with other women. Mick was a dangerous sexual predator and, although I loved him and he swore undying love for me, I felt unsure of him. I had weaned him off drugs, but they had been replaced by sex and he had never had proper treatment.
Around this time, rumours were circulating that Mick had stolen Eric Clapton’s girlfriend, Carla Bruni, and had started an affair with her. Mick denied it, saying it was nothing and that he loved me and was marrying me. So I stifled my doubts and went ahead with our wedding.
The Daily Mail has more excerpts from Hall's book.

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