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Olivia Munn is why men wait for the financial news on Newsroom

Olivia Munn Minus

Olivia Munn is why men wait for 

the financial news on 'Newsroom'

  • American actress, model, author and television personality
  • Was correspondent on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show"
  • Will be seen in movie "Deliver Us From Evil" in August 2014
Olivia Munn recently spoke to People Magazine at the 'South by Southwest' (SXSW) comedy opening party hosted by "Late Night with Seth Meyers" in Austin, Texas. In the course of the interview Olivia Munn, the beautiful actress who has become the favourite television series financial reporter for many men within the 18 to 43 age bracket and any man who pays attention to financial news disclosed that she actually had to study extensively to play her role as the highly intelligent but unconventional economics expert. 

Olivia Munn during her time moderating the 2014 SXSW Music, Film and Interactive Conference and Festival displayed her quick wit and mischievous sense of humour when she answered a question about her career path with the response "You can always sleep with studio executives." This response is typical of Olivia Munn in that she is not afraid to joke about her rise up the acting world because this would be a path to success that she would never take and with her acting talent never consider. 

Olivia Munn has become known for her striking looks, her underappreciated acting talent and her humour which are some of the reasons why she is able to become the dominant person in her scenes even when she is not saying much or if she has a large speaking part. Olivia Munn in her role as the financial expert on 'Newsroom' has developed an almost cult following of fans to the point where one recently met her at the airport in Los Angeles and prevailed on her to sign not one, not two but 50 pictures of herself. 

Olivia Munn looking great in white bikini
The acting ability of Olivia Munn will be on display in the final season of 'Newsroom' and also on the big screen in the horror movie "Deliver Us From Evil" with Eric Bana that will be released in August 2014. Olivia Munn brings a rare and comedic timing, beauty and acting range that has made her an actress that many men and entertainment insiders wish were on television and movie screens more and soon, they may get their wish and there will be nary a complaint to be heard when their wish is fulfilled.

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