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Alexis Dziena is back on Hollywood scene with her 2014 movies

Alexis Dziena is back on Hollywood scene with her 2014 movies

  • American actress who made acting debut in TNT's "Witchblade"
  • First major role was in Lifetime's "She's Too Young" movie
  • Recognized for her appearances on HBO hit series "Entourage"

Alexis Dziena looks as if she is on the comeback trail and she is making it happen in a very impressive manner. She has completed two movies that will be released in 2014, "Sister" and "Without Ward" and in each movie she plays a feature role. 

Alexis Dziena is known to Hollywood insiders as a very talented actress whopossess the grit and emotional range to convey a character that the movie audience can relate to. Alexis Dziena has displayed her unique acting talent since the early part of her acting career in films such as "Sex and Breakfast" and "She's Too Young". In each of these film projects she was the feature actress.

In April 2014 Alexis Dziena will play the role of Ashley Presser in the dramatic movie "Sisters" and later that year she will be seen in the movie "Without Ward" in which she will appear alongside star actors Harold Perrineau and Martin Landau. The fact that she was able to secure such prominent roles in these two films attracted the attention of several entertainment insiders because prior to these films her last role was in the independent film "Wrong" in 2012 and prior to that she appeared in the movie "When in Rome" in 2010. Thus it is not a stretch to think that the producers and directors of Hollywoodhave looked at her work and likely her auditions for her upcoming two movies and recognized that while she may not have acted extensively over the past four years the one thing that cannot be disputed is that she possesses an emotional dramatic range that few actresses posses.

Alexis Dziena on the red carpet
Alexis Dziena's acting career is on the rise and with her dramatic acting range, her success in the 2014 movies will be a pleasant sight but it will not be a surprise to the producers and directors who have had the opportunity to work with her earlier in her career. Alexis Dziena is on the verge of becoming an actress who is known throughout the film industry for her acting talent and willingness to persevere with her acting despite not working much over a four year span. Well done Alexis Dziena.

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