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Kaz Hawkins / A secret songwriter

Kaz Hawkins
by T.A.


Mostly underground for years as a secret songwriter. Kaz Hawkins from East Belfast is now established as one the biggest singers ever to come out of Northern Ireland, called “A Vocal Force” on stage, she envelops the fighting spirit of a true powerhouse singer. With comparisons to her idol Etta James, Mavis Staples, Janis Joplin, Kaz is loved for her down to earth attitude; she brings fun to every performance & is loved not only by her fans but anyone who meets her. She has lived and sang “The Blues” but has much more to offer across different genres in her song writing so is now embarking on an exciting mix of genres she has written for her debut album.

With her Band O ‘Men in tow and the release of her debut album ‘Get Ready‘ the bands UK Tour in September 2014 was an accomplished success, with her 2015 spring tour already being worked on and a special invite by BOSTON UNIVERSITY for Kaz to perform & lecture at a special Global Music Seminar in December representing Eastside Arts this formidable lady is rising and rising fast. Kaz Hawkins is a singer songwriter with a difference, she captivates an audition with her vocal range & emotional portrayal of her life. She is one of Belfast’s true characters.

With support gigs under belt such as Van Morrison, Nanci Griffiths, Chris Farlowe, Matt Andersen, Kaz has also guested with top Irish artists such as Brian Kennedy, Pat McManus, Eric Bell. Kaz has the backing of many influential representatives in Belfast with a presentation from The 2013 Lord Mayor of Belfast Máirtin Ó Muilleoir quoted saying “Belfast is proud of your talent & we know you will go on to great things & we will support you in all you do”..

PRESS “Splendid” (Paul Jones BBC Radio 2)

Kaz Hawkins “One of the best, genuine and emotionally raw voices of her generation & their experiences. Brilliance personified” (Danny Morrison, Writer)

“Imagine, if you can Janis Joplin fronting Chic, and you have some idea of the level of imagination and musicianship that Kaz Hawkins and her band bought to bear” (Ben McNair Lichfield concert review)

“This brutally honest woman from Belfast tells her story openly. Not to seek sympathy. No, hers is a message of hope. She is an incredibily positive individual, a strong woman in so many ways yet nervous on stage and prone to the giggles” (John Peel Centre review)

Kaz Hawkins’ new album, Get Ready, is inspirational, honest, warm, full of energy and infectious passion. Gary Burnett, Down at the Crossroads Blog

‘I’m blown away by Get Ready the new album from Kaz Hawkins‘ (Ed Mitchell, Editor Classic Rock Blues Magazine

“Absolutely Extraordinary” (Brian Kennedy, Singer)

‘Get Ready’ is an album of honesty, enthusiasm and a down to earth attitude which is refreshing” (Michelle Harris, Folk & Tumble Blog )

“When she opens up her throat, you know that what is coming out has been wrenched from deep inside her, and is delivered with the commitment of a truly passionate artist” (Mark Ashby UBER ROCK)

“She is one of the best female singers to come out of Northern Ireland, Kaz needs to be heard outside NI” (Al Gilmore Chordblossom )

“Kaz Hawkins will be a welcome addition to festival season” “Rising Star Award 2014″ (Simon Redley, Blues & Soul Magazine)

“A gospel blues rafter-raiser in the great tradition of Aretha Franklin and Mavis Staples with Belfast gypsy woman Kaz Hawkins promising those Better Days in that trademark voice of hers. (Classic Rock Blues Magazine)

‘I was absolutely blown away again by the incredible vocal power of the one and only Kaz Hawkins’ (Lyndsay Malone, NI Lights)

“She blew the audience away with her soulful, intense, expressive singing of repertoire almost entirely composing of original compositions” (Trevor Hodgett, Blues Matters Magazine)

“The strength of Kaz Hawkins as a singer and songwriter have the whole range of emotions between force and resignation, between resistance and melancholy can bring to the blades. She is a fascinating singer , no question!”

(Blues Priest , Raimund Nitzsche chief editor Wasser-Prawda” Magazine, Germany)

“Shes my favorite Singer/Songwriter around at the minute” (Marie-Louise Muir, BBC Radio Ulster Arts Extra) “What a wonderful attitude to life she has, a great artist” (George Jones, Downtown Radio) “What a Voice” (Gerry Kelly, BBC Radio Ulster “One of our True Blues Stars, one powerful woman” (Ralph McLean, BBC Radio Ulster)

“Close your eyes, listen to Kaz and be transported back to a golden age of great female vocalists. Aretha, Dusty, Gladys, Etta – you’ll hear shades of them all.” (Mark Halsall, Musicians Together Magazine)

” Kaz may be from Belfast but her soul and inspiration lies elsewhere in a soulful, less convention strangled era” (Claire S Kane, Music Reviewer, Ireland)

How often does an artist blow you away on first listen? Kaz has a powerhouse voice on par with the late Etta James with an astonishing vocal range and passionate approach to her performance, Kaz grabs your attention and does not let go. ( Kevin Carney, Music Review Unsigned Magazine)


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