Friday, July 16, 2010

Joss Stone to star in James Bond computer game

Joss Stone
A digital version of Stone will star as the femme fatale Nicole Hunter in James Bond 007: Blood Stone, the agent's new video game.
Speaking at the game's London launch, Stone said: ''I'm the first Bond girl from the West Country - instead of Martini in my glass I'm drinking cider and nobody will ever know.
And the singer pointed out: ''I'm the first Bond girl with a nose ring.''
The Brit Award-winning artist has also penned an original song for the game with Eurythmics star Dave Stewart - swapping her R&B sound for something more ''Shirley Bassey'', she said.
''Oh my God, Shirley Bassey rocks and nobody will ever get to there,'' Stone said.
''She's really powerful but there's no ad-libbing or warbling because it wasn't needed. I was just inspired by her and I tried to sing it in a really straight, powerful way.
''But I haven't really got a big voice like Christina Aguilera or somebody, it's trickery, I'm just loud and I can fake it a little bit.''
Stone said she played her Bond girl a ''bit like a posh version of Paris Hilton''.
The game is not her first acting role. She has previously played ''the ugliest woman in Europe'' - Anne of Cleaves - in BBC2's The Tudors, so a Bond girl was an ''ego boost''.
''I would love, love, love to be Bond's girl in the next film,'' she said.
''Obviously that would never happen, but I would love to do more acting, it's basically dressing up and making pretend, it's what little kids do, it's a right laugh.''
She was disappointed she did not meet Daniel Craig - who stars as the voice of 007 in the new game, as he does on screen - as she finds him ''incredibly hot''.
Blood Stone also features the voice of Dame Judi Dench as M and GoldenEye screenwriter Bruce Feirstein wrote the storyline for the game.
James Bond 007: Blood Stone will be in shops this Christmas for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.





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