Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lewis Carroll / Photos II

Lewis Carroll

Alice Liddell
The Liddell Sister
Elizabeth Ley Hussey, 1864
Eliza Hobson

Alexandra Xie Kitchen

Alice Liddell
Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell

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  1. The last photograph is fake and posthumously offends both Charles Dodgson and Alice Liddell. It is a combination of two different photographs made by Dodgson: a self-portrait “reading” a book, (Lorina Liddell assisted him by taking off the cap), dated 1857, (here mirrored) and one, dated 1860, of Alice with her sisters Edith and Lorina. (Alice acts as if she tries to bite some cherries out of Lorina’s hand). In the fake picture the hands are very ugly redrawn. It would be better if this fake picture disappeared from the Internet. Has Seulijn, Utrecht, collector of antique photography.