Monday, June 25, 2012

Nicol Vizioli / Interview

Nicol Vizioli
by Giovanni Cervi

So, here we go with an uprising young photographer. Nicol lives in London, born in Rome.

Who is Nicol Vizioli?

I’m constantly looking for something, inside and outside me. I often meet incredible creatures and together we listen and tell stories. I am all of them.

Where is your fav place to shoot?

For long time it has been outside, the forest, the countryside, the small wood close to the place I grew up. But my work is changing and I am changing with it. I lately discovered a more intimate dimension, shooting in an empty space, it could be a room or anything I would call a studio. It doesn’t really matter: an empty space, a bare stage, is for me all the choices together, that is so inspiring.

When did you shoot your first photo? How was it?

My father is a photographer, so I guess I have always been familiar with pictures, somehow. But at some point he gave me an old reflex, I was 18. I remember a series of bw films, long days with a friend of mine in her darkroom. And I clearly remember that one day, a specific image appeared on the paper: it was a portrait of a child, smiling and showing a couple of missing teeth. There was something strong in it, something new, the imperfection, the messy hair, I can’t really say. I just felt very close to it, excited. For those reasons I guess that was the first real picture I took.

What is your main instinct?


Why animals, nature and animistic – life principles in your photos?

The natural world has always had a certain influence on me, it is where I feel close to my inner voice, where I feel I can start again, where all the secrets seem to be revealed. My dreams are full of animals; they bring new secrets and I love them.

Maddona by Nicol Vizioli


Olivier Ruuger by Nicol Vizioli

Olivier Ruuger by Nicol Vizioli

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