Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Father's Day / Famous fathers with their children

Francis Ford Coppola and daughter Sofia at a party in 1990.
Francis Ford Coppola with a daughter Sofia,
at a rap party for the movie "The Godfather: Part III"
at Club M.K. in 1990

Happy Father´s Day
Famous fathers with their children

Kirk Douglas and sons, 1988

Kirk Douglas (c.) and his sons, Joel (l. - r.), Peter, Michael and Eric are spotted in New York City in 1988.

Frank Sinatra with son Frank Jr., 1963

Frank Sinatra shares a laugh with his son Frank Sinatra Jr. back in 1963.

Paul McCartney with wife Linda and daughters Alice and Heather, 1976

Former Linda Eastman, her daughters, Alice, 1, and Heather, 7, arrive at Pier 92, W.52nd St. aboard the France with Linda's husband Paul McCartney.

Steven Tyler and Liv Tyler, 1995

Steven Tyler and daughter, Liv, celebrate her high school graduation in 1995 from York Prep school in New York City. That same year, Liv would play a supporting role in 'Empire Records.' The rest is history ...

Johnny Carson with his wife and three boys, 1958

Johnny Carson is seen at home roughhousing with his boys Kit and Ricky. His third son, Cory, is content to watch the bout on the sidelines with mom in 1958.

Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Ben Stiller, Amy Stiller, 1991

That's one famous family! Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara are snapped with their children, Amy and Ben, in 1991

Tony Bennett with daughter Joanna, 1977

Tony Bennett is seen at home with his daughter Joanna, who watches him sketch in 1977.

Leonard Bernstein with son Alex and daugher Jamie, 1976

Leonard Bernstein gets a kiss from his daughter Jamie, while his son Alex looks on. They are at the opening party for the Leonard Bernstein and Jay Lerner musical "1600 Pennsylvania Ave" in 1976.

James "Cinderella Man" Braddock with sons, 1937

Daddy's little helpers! James "Cinderella Man" Braddock gets help from sons Jay, 6, and brother Howard, 5, at the gym in 1937.

Albert Einstein with daughter Margot Einstein, 1940

Dr. Albert Einstein (c.) and his daughter Margot Einstein (r.) are sworn in as U.S. citizens at a Federal Court in Trenton, N.J. in 1940. Einstein's secretary, Helen Dukes (l.) was also a part of the swearing in.

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