Monday, December 15, 2014

David Byrne / Windows on the World

Matteo Pericoli
by Matteo Pericoli

by David Byrne

I think of my view as pretty typical for a New Yorker. We look out our windows at other windows. That, in a way, mirrors our lives here – we are constantly looking at each other, millions of us, on the streets and elsewhere. I know a couple of the people behind those windows across my street, but I keep my blinds up most of the time anyway. We pretend not to look. This allows us to keep the blinds up and let some light in. I’ve been to places that have ‘better’ views. I sometimes have view envy, especially now as I see hundreds of luxury condos going up everywhere – all of them with better views than mine. I suspect that most of them will remain empty in the near future, as who can afford them any more? Maybe those glass towers will be the new homesteads – cheap artists’ housing, but I doubt it.

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