Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yayoi Kusama's sell-out line for Louis Vuitton

Kusama sculptures in the windows of Selfridges
Kusama sculptures in the windows of Selfridges

Yayoi Kusama's sell-out line 

for Louis Vuitton

The Japanese artist's polka-dotted collection for Louis Vuitton has repeatedly sold out at Selfridges.

The Louis Vuitton collaboration with Yayoi Kusama is, apparently, its most successful art union ever, which probably means it's the most successful art-fashion union of all time.
To celebrate the repeated sell-outs, Selfridges has winched a giant Yayoi into place above its front doors on Oxford Street, just in case customers missed the Kusama/Vuitton products in its 24 windows. As we can no longer rely on the late Robert Hughes to explain its success, I've toiled with two theories. Either the eternal repetitiveness of YK's trademark polka dots are a metaphor for the insatiable yearnings of the modern consumer, or it's all about Kusama's hair. It's not just the pumpkin colour (very 2012), but the precision bobbing. No one, from Anna Wintour to Victoria Beckham, has failed to assail the citadels of fashion with that cut.


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