Sunday, January 17, 2016

Iman & David Bowie / That Something Called Love

Iman & David Bowie

When one of music’s most influential and creative rockstars and a pioneering strikingly beautiful African-American model met in 1992 at a date set up by their common hairdresser, it could have led to a glamorous encounter, a rapid sexy relationship but instead, it was transformed into a romantic marital existence. Even though they are not a superstar couple in the same way as contemporary pop and films stars that fuel their celebrity with a perfectly marketed love story, David Bowie and Iman did however manage to gain an iconic aura thanks to their ability of leading a normal intimacy and finding success in their very own individual careers. No need for an expensive mise en scène, tabloids covers or reality television shows, the couple diffuses its own magnetic feel as David Bowie clearly states: ‘You would think that a rockstar being married to a supermodel would be one of the greatest things in the world. It is’.



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