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Man in court over Joss Stone 'kidnap plot'

Joss Stone

Man in court over Joss Stone 'kidnap plot'

A man has appeared in court to deny charges linked to an alleged plot to kidnap and kill soul star Joss Stone.

Kevin Liverpool, 34, appeared at Exeter Crown Court today to plead not guilty to conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to commit GBH and conspiracy to commit robbery.
He is accused of carrying out the crimes targeting Miss Stone, 24, whose hits include Fell In Love With A Boy, between January and June this year with Junior Bradshaw, 31.
Mr Bradshaw also appeared in court today but was not asked to enter any pleas to any charges pending the result of psychiatric tests.
The two men, of St Stephen's Close, Manchester, were arrested on June 13 this year, close to the Devon home of Miss Stone, a friend of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who has an estimated £9 million fortune.
The singer's mother, Wendy Joseph, was in the public gallery during the short hearing.
Both men were remanded in custody ahead of a trial scheduled for August 6 next year.
Miss Stone first came to fame in 2003 as a small-town teenager with a big, soulful voice, showcased on her bestselling debut album "The Soul Sessions".
The Devon-raised singer is a household name in the US, where she spends up to nine months each year, and Barack Obama, the American President, is said to be one of her many legion of fans.
Her soulful vocals have seen her described as ''the white Aretha Franklin''

Joss Stone's heaven and hell

Joss Stone

Joss Stone's heaven and hell

Joss Stone, the singer-songwriter, on Costa Rica's rainforests, her favourite London hotels and the importance of travelling light.

Interview by Bertan Budak

Great holidays…

Which was your best holiday?
Costa Rica a few years ago with my hairstylist, Brian. We took a small plane to Manuel Antonio, one of Costa Rica's most beautiful national parks. It has one of the most stunning beaches I've ever seen. We stayed at the Si Como No eco resort, at the heart of the emerald green rainforest, where you're surrounded by trees and exotic creatures. You could be sitting outside eating your breakfast and see a sloth climbing up a tree. I also remember seeing a beautiful neon-blue-coloured butterfly, which I fell in love with. We went whitewater rafting and explored the tropical forest, which was incredible.

And the best hotel you've stayed in?
The Soho Hotel in London, which is amazing. Each room has its own unique design, colour and personality. It's a very trendy hotel and the bathrooms have these wonderful textured walls. I've stayed there on numerous occasions and found the service to be very polite and friendly. They always remember you when you come back, and even which newspaper you order. I also like their sister hotel, The Haymarket – another place with a unique and funky design.
What do you need for a perfect holiday?
Not much, really. Just some lip balm, cash, underwear and someone good to spend it with. I don't need to be surrounded by riches and extravagant shopping places to have a good time. I also don't see the point of five-star hotels. What a waste of money. I prefer to spend my money on souvenirs.
What do you always take with you?
When I can, my dogs Missy (named after the rapper Missy Elliot) and Dusty (named after Dusty Springfield). I'm hoping to take them on my next tour, but I seem to have misplaced Missy's passport, which is really annoying. My dogs are like my family and I love them to bits.
What's your best piece of travel advice?
Always call your bank to let them know you're leaving the country. I travel all the time and my bank constantly turns
off my card, which is irritating. Even when I do let them know, they block my card anyway. I'm with Barclays, but I'm thinking of changing because it's so annoying. I would also suggest that you carry some cash, as you never know when you might need to catch a cab.
Where do you want to go next?
I'm hoping to go to Hawaii with my friend Brian, who was born and raised there. He has visited my home on numerous occasions, so it's only fair that I see his. He has shown me some great video clips of the area where he grew up and everything looks so beautiful. I'm not one to go clubbing on holiday. I'd much rather chill on the beach, and Hawaii looks like the ideal place to do that.

… and disasters?

Which was your worst holiday?

I haven't had any. Holidays are far too short not to enjoy. I've only ever had four holidays in my life, and they've all been amazing. I've been to Greece, Costa Rica, Miami and Turkey, where I stayed in Olu Deniz. It's so beautiful and the water is ridiculously blue. Holidays are rare for me because I'm very busy and when I eventually do get some time off, I'd much rather spend it at home in bed, not in another country.
What's the biggest packing mistake you've made?
Once, I packed three really heavy lyric books. I thought I'd enjoy reading them, but I hardly got around to doing it. My advice would be to travel light and to remember that everything you need is available to buy wherever you go. And let's be honest, you're going to buy loads of stuff when you get there, like clothes and souvenirs.
The worst hotel you've stayed in?
A hotel in Miami. I was only 14 and because of a reservation error my mother and I had to share a bed. On top of that, the place was infested with ants, it was smelly and the walls were very thin, so you could hear the people next door. We were too afraid to eat there, so we ended up either eating out or stocking up on groceries from a nearby shop.
What do you avoid on holidays?
I avoid drinking the water until I know whether it is clean or not. I've heard loads of horror stories of people being ill and coming down with diarrhoea just from drinking the water in other countries. It makes it extra difficult for me because I'm a vegetarian, and most of the salads and vegetables are washed using tap water. We're so lucky to have clean water in Britain.
  • Joss Stone will be playing in London at the O2 on March 11 and the Shepherd's Bush Empire on March 12. Her latest album "Colour Me Free" is out now

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Joss Stone murder plot / Gang 'conspired to rob and kill'

Joss Stone

Joss Stone murder plot: gang 'conspired to rob and kill'

A gang of criminals conspired to “rob and kill” pop star Joss Stone, a court heard today.

Kevin Liverpool, 35, and Junior Bradshaw, 32, were arrested near the wealthy soul singer's isolated home in Devon after being spotted by “eagle-eyed” locals, a jury was told.
The pair are alleged to have assembled weapons and driven in a Fiat Punto from Manchester to within a short distance of Stone’s house, near Cullompton, where they were held in June 2011.
Exeter Crown Court heard that the “extremely wealthy” 25-year-old singer, whose hits include Fell In Love With A Boy, was at home at the time of the arrests.

Kevin Liverpool, left, and Junior Bradshaw in the dock at Exeter Crown Court (Elizabeth Cook/PA)
Simon Morgan, prosecuting, told jurors: "This case is all about a decision by a group of individuals, of whom these defendants are two, to rob and kill Joss Stone.

"That is not a phrase I have plucked from the air. It is used in documents written by Mr Liverpool during the planning stages of this plot.
"We don't know who the others are but that does not matter. Your concern is whether these two were part of the plot. It doesn't matter what part they took or planned to take.”
He added: “Joss Stone is an extremely wealthy young woman. These defendants drove from Manchester to find her. Fortunately they were not successful, although she was at home.
"They were reported by eagle-eyed people of small communities surrounding Cullompton."
Mr Liverpool and Mr Bradshaw, both from Longsight, Manchester, have pleaded not guilty to conspiring with person or persons unknown between January and June 2011 to murder Stone.
They have also denied conspiring to cause the singer grievous bodily harm and conspiring to rob her.
The trial, which is due to last for around three weeks, continues.

My perfect weekend / Joss Stone, singer

Joss Stone

My perfect weekend: Joss Stone, singer

When she's not off on tour or travelling in her VW camper van, the singer Joss Stone, spends weekends at home in Devon with her beloved dogs, friends and family.

Normal weekends aren’t really happening for me at the moment. I have been touring for the past couple of months and that has taken me all over. By the time you read this, I’ll be about to do a gig in São Paulo, Brazil, and then I have Argentina and Chile to tour before things start looking a bit calmer.

'I gave away a fortune to get my soul back' / Joss Stone on her fight for artistic freedom

Joss Stone
'I gave away a fortune to get my soul back': 
Joss Stone on her fight for artistic freedom

PUBLISHED: 22:00 BST, 14 July 2012
UPDATED: 12:07 BST, 18 July 2012

Her debut album The Soul Sessions alone made her one of the UK’s richest musicians. But now singer Joss Stone has revealed she is ‘down to nothing’ after handing back most of her fortune to record company EMI to buy herself out of a contract.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday’s Live magazine, Joss, 25, once thought to be worth £10million, says: ‘I don’t have that kind of money,’ adding she was ‘flat even’ when she left the label. 

Joss also tells of how Sir Mick Jagger, with whom she now performs in the group SuperHeavy, once asked her out on a date and she turned him down.

Joss Stone goes nude for poster

Joss Stone
by T.A.

Joss Stone goes nude for poster

Apr 12 2010

British soul singer Joss Stone has bared all in the latest campaign for animal rights group Peta.
The 23-year-old stripped for the ads to raise awareness over the black bear pelts worn by British royal guards, the Sunday Mirror reported. She wants the hats banned.
The Fell in Love With a Boy singer posed naked on a Union Jack flag for the photo shoot.
"It was quite full-on. She's laying on a Union Jack (flag) with nothing on," a source told the Mirror. "They are beautiful pictures and she was very comfortable being without clothes."
"The plight of wild bears hunted for their skins and for fun is a subject very close to her heart. She hates the fact that Canadian black bears are slaughtered for their skins to make the Queen's Guards' ceremonial caps so decided to peel off for the campaign.
The poster will be released as part of a new advertising campaign for Peta later in the year. 

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Peter Lindbergh's best photograph / The birth of the supermodels

ineties here we come …
From left, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford.
Photograph: Peter Lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh's best photograph: the birth of the supermodels

‘They were a revolution – fresh, fun, outspoken, poking at you, making edgy jokes, getting involved. Wow!’

Dale Berning Sawa
Wed 14 june 2017

iz Tilberis, the editor of British Vogue, asked me to do a shoot. “You have to do the January 1990 cover,” she said. “You’re the one.” She wanted something that would preview the decade to come. My reaction was: “Oh my God, who could that be? You can’t hang the next decade on one face. It won’t work.” But I knew what would.

Kate Upton in Her Most Elegant Spread Yet for Bazaar Australia

Kate Upton stars in Harper's Bazaar Australia's December issue


Published on 

Kate Upton stars in Harper’s Bazaar Australia’s December issue

Supermodel Kate Upton follows up a striking cover with this editorial for the December 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia. The blonde bombshell shows a seemingly different side with elegant dresses and sparkling gems.
Photographed by Victor Demarchelier and styled by Karla Clarke, Kate wears ladylike fashions from top brands such as Givenchy, Victoria Beckham and Balenciaga.
For beauty, the face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics wears a wave-filled updo and smokey eyeshadow look. / Hair by Didier Malige, Makeup by Maud Laceppe

The model wears elegant looks in the photo spread
The model wears elegant looks in the photo spread


Eva Wiseman / The myth of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

The myth of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe has been a tortured, wiggle-hipped sex symbol for half a century – and still the biopics keep coming. Isn't it time we let her go?

Eva Wiseman
Sunday 16 October 2011

ged 17, with glandular fever turning my skin into a three-bar fire, I accidentally overdosed a little on painkillers. Instead of taking two every four hours, I started taking four every two hours. Amazing pills, illegal now, they were fluorescent pink, like matte-effect diamonds, and in the middle of the night they made me hallucinate vividly. As I lay there, throat like a barrel, Marilyn Monroe stepped out of the Andy Warhol print on my bedroom wall and began to wiggle towards me, one tiny foot in front of the other, click click click. I was delighted – I had so much to ask her. When she crawled into bed, I think I giggled. We spooned, but not for long, because quite quickly, snuggled next to me, she began to die. I remember the promise of Monroe, who (when I was a teenager, swollen thick with kissing disease) I was fascinated by: she seemed the prototype for womanliness.

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The big picture / Brigitte Bardot visits Pablo Picasso in Cannes, 1956

The artist in his studio with Brigitte Bardot during the 1956 International Cannes film festival.
Photograph: Jerome Brierre

The big picture: Brigitte Bardot visits Pablo Picasso in Cannes, 1956

The 21-year-old 'sex kitten' holds her own against the old predator, Picasso, during a visit to his studio at Vallauris, near Cannes, during the film festival in 1956

Peter Conrad
Sun 9 May 2010

hen the first Daguerreotype photograph was taken in the 1830s, a French artist sonorously prophesied: "From this day, painting is dead." It took Picasso to prove him wrong, by demonstrating the limits of photographic vision. The camera is restricted to surfaces; painting, if it is as aggressive and inquisitorial as Picasso's, can torment and transform the world of appearances, violently metamorphosing matter. "Reality must be torn apart," Picasso told his lover, Françoise Gilot. People, especially women, had to undergo the same painful fate.

Picasso / Pots


Pablo Picasso was undoubtedly one of the C20th's greatest painters but I've always had a liking for his ceramics, possibly more than the paintings. Here is a selection of of his decorated pots.

France seal second World Cup triumph with 4-2 win over brave Croatia

France’s Hugo Lloris lifts the World Cup trophy as they celebrate winning.
 France’s Hugo Lloris lifts the World Cup trophy as they celebrate winning. Photograph: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

France seal second World Cup triumph with 4-2 win over brave Croatia

Daniel Taylor at the Luzhniki Stadium
Sun 15 Jul 2018 17.54 BST

When the decisive blows arrived the entire squad piled on top of one another in the victory scrum. Hugo Lloris, the goalkeeper, had run the entire length of the pitch to join in the celebrations. All the substitutes were throwing themselves into this heap of arms and legs. There were even members of the backroom staff contemplating joining in, and who could blame them? France were on their way to winning the World Cup and a party was under way behind the goal where the tricolours were fluttering.

Kylian Mbappé
Those were the moments when everybody knew that no side – not even one with Croatia’s resilience and powers of durability – would find a way back. Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappé had scored in quick succession and the next edition of the France national shirt will have two stars, rather than one, above the cockerel.

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Natalia Vodianova / This much I know / 'I have an animal sense for danger’



Natalia Vodianova

'I have an animal sense for danger’
The supermodel, 34, on the humiliation of poverty, weekends in nightclubs and building a play park for children from the Beslan siege

Ruaridh Nicoll
25 February 2017

Natalia Vodianova

Poverty is humiliation. You feel like there is something wrong with you, not with society, especially as a child. You see other children who are happy and you think it must be so incredible. You daydream a lot about not being yourself. Maybe that helped me model.

Boys in my school in Nizhny Novgorod hated me. I was unhealthily skinny because sometimes we had nothing to eat. They used to draw me like a stick. And the stigma against my sister [Oksana, who has cerebral palsy and autism] brushed off on me. They called me dirty.

I have an animal sense for danger and make decisions based on intuition. I arrived in Paris at 17, but changed agencies within the week. On the second night, I was taken to a nightclub with some guys. Nothing happened, but I was a young girl so I liked young guys, and these were not young guys. A day or two later the Viva model agency said: “If you ever want to change…” and I was like: “Yes, right now.”

Ethan Hawke / This much I Know / ‘The most romantic thing I’ve done is have sex’

Ethan Hawke in a black t-shirt
 Ethan Hawke: ‘I am a giddy, ludicrous optimist. My team can lose and I’m already thinking about the next season. You can’t bring me down.’ Photograph: Alan Clarke for the Observer


Ethan Hawke: ‘The most romantic thing I’ve done is have sex’

The actor, 47, on being an optimist, avoiding marriage advice and why other people make him anxious

Natalie Evans-Harding
Saturday 16 December 2017

I have so many bad habits it’s impossible to measure the worst. My son would say I don’t take enough care with how I dress, my daughter might say I work too much, and my wife that I can’t seem to help in the kitchen at all. But in my opinion I have none.