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William Steig / Solomon The Rusty Nail / Do nails die?


Solomon The Rusty Nail: Do nails die?

Voice: Helen Duthie
Saturday 26 April 2016
Solomon, The Rusty Nail. 
William Steig.
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1985.

Today is World Book Day and we're celebrating by sharing one of our favourite read-alouds ever.

Solomon, The Rusty Nail is the story of a rabbit who has the intriguingly useless power of turning into a rusty nail and back into a rabbit at will. What starts off as a seemingly fun and fairly innocuous party trick, turns out to be life-saving first and existentially anguishing later, before a happy ending the reader is kept from expecting until the last moment.

You can read more about what we like about William Steig in our review of another all-time favourite, The Amazing Bone where I also mention Solomon, and other Steig stories about transformation and angst in inanimate objects.


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