Monday, July 10, 2017

Daphne du Maurier / Quotes

by Daphne du Maurier
  1. Women want love to be a novel, men a short story.
  2. We are all ghosts of yesterday, and the phantom of tomorrow awaits us alike in sunshine or in shadow, dimly perceived at times, never entirely lost.
  3. All autobiography is self-indulgent.
  4. It’s funny,’ I noted in the diary, ‘how often I seem to build a story around one sentence, nearly always the last one, too. The themes are a bit depressing but I just can’t get rid of that.
  5. Life was a series of greetings and farewells, one was always saying good-bye to something, to someone.
  6. Sometimes it’s a sort of indulgence to think the worst of ourselves. We say, ‘Now I have reached the bottom of the pit, now I can fall no further,’ and it is almost a pleasure to wallow in the darkness. The trouble is, it’s not true. There is no end to the evil in ourselves, just as there is no end to the good. It’s a matter of choice. We struggle to climb, or we struggle to fall. The thing is to discover which way we’re going.
  7. There is no going back in life. There is no return. No second chance.
  8. But luxury has never appealed to me, I like simple things, books, being alone, or with somebody who understands.
  9. You had to endure something yourself before it touched you.
  10. If only there could be an invention that bottled up a memory, like scent. And it never faded, and it never got stale. And then, when one wanted it, the bottle could be uncorked, and it would be like living the moment all over again.
Daphne du Maurier was an English author and playwright. Many of her books  have been adapted into films, including the novels Rebecca (which won a Best Picture Oscar) and Jamaica Inn and the short stories The Birds and Don’t Look Now.


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