Friday, June 6, 2014

Mardi de Jérôme / Willem de Kooning

Women 1953

Mardi de Jérôme

Willem de Kooning

Willem de Kooning is one of my favorite painter. I know that I have been writing that statement many times and, in all honesty, I probably will be declaring it again.  I have always been intrigued and mystify by the macho/badass painters, particularly de Kooning and Pollock. Their lives were fueled by hard-drinking and their action paintings feels like all the anger in the world was thrown on the canvases. De Kooning mastery resides in his way of creating gestural figures that might look abstracts, but they are asking you to make an effort, to take your time and look closely, then slowly you discover his lifelong affection for body, most importantly the woman’s body, as well as landscape and city scenes. Everything in the image seems to be merging and constantly moving. He pushed Picasso’s idea that we can possibly experience a figure in many different viewpoints, into something clearly expressionistic and surrealistic.

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