Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beautiful Women / Fei Fei Sun

Beautiful women
Fei Fei Sun
Vogue Italia


As one of the most fascinating beauties of the moment, Fei Fei Sun has continuously captivated the industry’s biggest names. Following her landmark Vogue Italia cover and stellar show season, Models.com presents this original feature story on the one and only Fei Fei.

Photography: Christian MacDonald for Models.com

Styling: Britt Marie K

Make up: Fara Homidi using Chanel beauty for Frank Reps
Hair: Hiroya Watase

How was this season for you?

Over fifty shows can be a little bit tiring, but still exciting.

How did it feel to be the first Asian model on the cover of Vogue Italia? 

Exciting! Steven Meisel’s breathtaking photos make me feel like I’m in a dream. I am honored to be selected. I have to say this story gave me self-confidence. It is a very good memory I will never ever forget.

What was your initial success like – you skyrocketed to the top when you first came on the scene, but what was the experi
ence like for you?

Time-travel. lol. Young Chinese people have a saying, “Chuan Yue Le”. It means something like “a huge time-travel”. It was so fast and so different for me. Frankly, at first I couldn’t adapt to the speed. You have to check your e-mail several times every day for work options and they are all in English! But I had to grow up stronger, quicker, not only to be a professional model but also a businesswoman. I told myself: It’s a new school and you will meet good teachers. Don’t worry. Just Enjoy.

What are some things you’d like to do that you haven’t just yet – career wise or not.

I am very interested in opening a coffee shop that also serves cakes and fancy foods.

How do you find balance these days? 

I know it’s just my job and there is more to life than work. I just remember to always be myself.

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising.

I eat a lot!


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