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Vanessa Minnillo unfazed by expected controversy about Dad's show

Vanessa Minnillo Sheer

Vanessa Minnillo unfazed by expected controversy about Dad's show

  • American television personality, model and actress
  • Married to television host and music entertainer Nick Lachey
  • Recent star of hit television series 'Dads'

Vanessa Minnillo recently spoke about the controversy which surrounded Dads', the Seth MacFarlane executive produced television show. Vanessa Minnillo, the wife of music entertainer and television host Nick Lachey knew that the show would hit some nerves and create some controversy with viewers the moment she read the script as she knows Seth MacFarlane loves to 'push the envelope'concerning his willingness to address social topics many people would prefer to avoid. 

When Vanessa Minnillo read the script it constantly made her laugh and it was this particular aspect about the show that made her want to be part of the show both for the role that she would be playing, a strong, opinionated wife and how it fit into her schedule. Vanessa Minnillo loved the fact that her role and the women on the show are in control of their households and are very strong personalities. Her character, Camilla, lives with her father-in-law and her husband and controls her home. 

However, the biggest appeal for Vanessa Minnillo is that the show filmed on a 9 am to 5 pm schedule which allowed her to be home for the role that she considers most important and that is being a mom and wife. She was able to go to work for 9:00 am start and leave at 5:00 pm to go home and eat dinner with her family which is ideal for her. Vanessa Minnillo is proud to be a working mother and wife but she makes it very clear that her family, son Camden and husband Nick Lachey are the most important people in her life and they come first. 

Vanessa Minnillo is real pretty
Season 1 of Dads' is complete and Vanessa Minnillo has now become engrossed in her number one project which is mommy duty but she is also a businesswoman and she has partnered with Procter & Gamble to create a program that can help other working mothers and wives. The campaign is called'Try It & Love It' and she discloses to the public about the products that she uses that help make her life easier. 

There is no indication of whether the comedy show Dads' will return for a second season but whether it does or does not there does not seem to be any dispute within entertainment insiders that Vanessa Minnillo is going to be a prominent entertainment personality within Hollywood. Vanessa Minnillo, a star actress and working Mom and wife who is enjoying balancing all of theseroles.

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