Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kathy Burke on Sam Shepard: ‘It was beautiful of him to reassure me’

Kathy Burke: ‘It was beautiful of him to reassure me’

Interviews by Chris Wiegand
Wednesday 2 August 2017 14.06 BST

I got to speak with Sam on the phone a few times when I directed The God of Hell in London (famously he didn’t fly or have the internet). A couple of calls stand out in my mind – firstly, my ringing him to apologise for the bad reviews the play had received. 
ME: I’m so sorry I’ve let you down. They hate what I’ve done with it here.
SAM: Please don’t apologise, Kathy, they hated it over here too!
The following week, he called me:
SAM: I wanted you to know I’ve just had a call from a friend who saw the show last night. He thought you did a terrific job. He said it was like you KNOW me, so thank you, Kathy, I appreciate your hard work.
He didn’t have to do that. It was charming and beautiful of him to reassure me.

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