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Woody Allen to Star Opposite Sharon Stone in Film He Does Not Direct

Woody Allen to Star Opposite Sharon Stone in Film He Does Not Direct

by Julie Miller
2:00 PM, MARCH 7 2012

If you’ve been laboring over a comedy script for Woody Allen, in which the recently re-minted Oscar winner would star as a cash-strapped, neurotic pimp, put down your pencils or, more likely, your procrastination device of choice. Unfortunately, someone else is writing a very similar script, and Allen has already agreed to star. Not only that but Sharon Stone has also signed on to appear in a dermatologist/gigolo-trick capacity. Read on for more information about what promises to be a very funny indie, even if you are not attached.
Titled Fading Gigolo and written/directed by John Turturro, the film will star Turturro and Allen as a pair of broke best friends who decide to infiltrate the gigolo industry and “subsequently attract the suspicion of the Hasidic Jewish community in which they live.” (As always happens.) Variety reports that the duo adopt the pseudonyms Virgil and Bongo, with Allen pimping out Turturro’s character until he falls in love with a Jewish widow, who has yet to be cast. Stone will assume the role of Allen’s dermatologist, who hires Turturro to sleep with her. Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is in talks to play a bored, wealthy housewife who is keen to have a threesome with Turturro’s and Stone’s characters. Production is expected to begin next month.
The last time that Allen starred in someone else’s film was in Alfonso Arau’s forgettable comedyPicking Up the Pieces, released in 2000. Allen will appear onscreen next in his own Nero Fiddled, which stars Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page, and Jesse Eisenberg. It’s set to open on June 22 in limited release. 

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