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Claudia Cardinale / Once Upon a Time in Italy

Cardinale enjoying a boat ride in Venice, 1967. She was first discovered at the Venice Film Festival in 1957, during a trip that she had won from a beauty contest in which she was crowned “The Most Beautiful Italian Girl in Tunisia.”
Claudia Cardinale
Once Upon a Time in Italy
by Chiara Marinai

The 1960s produced some of the most iconic actresses of modern film—figures that we still revere for their style and nonchalant beauty. Though lesser known in the States, Claudia Cardinale embodied all the wow factors of a 60s starlet: big hair, cat eyes, a seamless hourglass figure, and a raspy, unforgettable voice. This year marks the 50th anniversary of three of her most memorable movies: The Leopard, Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2, and The Pink Panther. To celebrate, we savor the moments of the Mediterranean beauty at her best.

New to the film industry, Cardinale poses at an audition at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, 1957.
During production of The Leopard, a period film set in 19th-century Sicily—which featured one of her breakout performances.

Here Cardinale is in full swing in the 1967 movieDon’t Make Waves, one of the few American movies in which she starred.

Cardinale in bed with a butterfly sleep mask.

Striking a pose in 1969.

The actress on the set of Circus World (1964) with John Smith and John Wayne.

Cardinale’s bedroom eyes.

Claudia engulfed in smoke.

Here she is in a classic 60s-style dress, behind the scenes of Don’t Make Waves with the Scottish-American director Alexander Mackendrick.

Richard Burton, Claudia Cardinale, and Elizabeth Taylor clink glasses at a charity ball in Venice.

Cardinale, at the height of her glamour, with Jean Sorel and Luchino Visconti in Venice, 1965.

Cardinale with a cropped haircut.

The actress on the set of The Pink Panther, 1963, one of her most popular American movies.

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