Friday, August 30, 2013

Miranda Kerr / Photoshoot

Miranda Kerr suffers embarrassing wardrobe malfunction and reveals both boobs during photoshoot

The former Victoria's Secret model was rescued by an assistant on set after the nippy disaster
Kerr blimey!

Kerr blimey!
It would appear super-hot Miranda Kerr made a proper boob(s) out of herself on a photoshoot.
The 30-year-old has made a career out of wearing fancy underwear for Victoria’s Secret and it’s an unfortunate coincidence this mishap happened just two weeks after quitting the bra makers.
Miranda was on set for to promote a make-up range when her black jumper slipped away from her grip and flashed her boobs for the entire crew.
The mum-of-one eventually rescued her modesty as an assistant desperately attempted to cover up and rescue further embarrassment.

Miranda Kerr goes topless for a moment
"Ohh, can anyone else feel that breeze?"

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It's likely that somewhere there’s a teenage lad sitting in a field of four-leaf clovers, covered in his own eyes lashes, making a few casual wishes hanging out with a genie and a magic lamp.
Either that or it’s a cynical way to get some extra attention for the KORA Cosmetics range the Australian hottie was promoting.
Speaking about the brand she said: “KORA Organics is a reflection of my passion for living a healthy, balanced organic lifestyle that I want to share.”

Miranda Kerr goes topless for a moment
We've always wondered what type of nipples she had

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Ahead of a photoshoot for KORA in March, she was involved in a traffic accident and was pictured wearing a neck brace.
Her spokesperson described her as being “in a lot of pain” after the crash in Los Angeles.
A car ploughed into the vehicle Miranda and her assistant were in.
As well as back injuries and whiplash, the ex-Victoria's Secret model also had to have an MRI scan following the accident.


As you'd expect, Miranda didn't feel to chipper after the smash, with her spokesperson Annie Kelly telling Australia's 9 News: "She is in a lot of pain, but really we are just glad it was not more serious."           
The model – who is married to Hollywood star Orlando Bloom – still looked glamorous despite the blush-worthy incident.

Miranda Kerr's latest photoshoot for Victoria's Secret lingerie
Just look at how perfect she is

Victoria's Secret
Speaking about her decision to leave Victoria’s Secret recently she said: ''The thing is, I've been modelling since I was 13. 'I'm now entering a new phase in my life.
"I have felt this coming since my son was born and, after I became a mother, I realised I needed to prioritise my time."