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Georgia May Jagger / This much I know / ‘With modelling, sometimes you’re punky, other times girly and sweet’

Gerogi May Jagger

Georgia May Jagger: ‘With modelling, sometimes you’re punky, other times girly and sweet’

This much I know

The model, 23, on 60s and 70s style, learning to breathe, and realising that her parents didn’t have normal jobs

Katie Forster
Saturday 5 September 2015 14.00 BST

It’s assumed I want to be thought of separately from my parents, but I’m really happy to be associated with them. I never realised that my family wasn’t normal. I grew up in Surrey and most kids didn’t care about my parents. It was probably at Stones shows when I was younger that I realised they didn’t have usual jobs.
Modelling is like acting. You take on different roles – sometimes you’re punky, other times girly and sweet. People often think that your work reflects how you are, but it isn’t like that.

The 60s and 70s had the best style. I’m really happy that platforms are back in fashion. They were very innovative decades, but they weren’t the peak – they were the beginning.
My friends always tell me to chill out and stop worrying. I’m quite analytical and I think about all situations and possible outcomes. I’ve had to learn how to stop and breathe. After fashion shows, I’m like: “That was easy!” But beforehand I feel like it’s my first day.
My brother and sister are older than me and protect me. We went to so many places on tour when I was younger, they all blend into one.
In London, people have their own, unique kind of style that’s maybe more colourful, more innovative and a bit more wacky than you’d see in New York and ParisI’m a big fan of English fashion – I love Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

Doing a job like this means you miss out on some personal events, like birthdays and weddings. My mum [Jerry Hall] says that happened to her, too, and you get over it. Sometimes I’ll say no, though. I’ve been to Glastonbury every year since I was 15.
People don’t really recognise me, and I’m quite good at going incognito with no make-up. I’m mostly known for my Rimmel ads, so it works.
British models stick together backstage at shows. It’s nice to see the girls doing so well – big names that people recognise, like Jourdan [Dunn] and Cara [Delevingne].

My earliest memory is going camping with my family in Kenya and seeing elephants. I think I was five.
Modern movies are too slow. I love old Hollywood movies and films in Technicolor, with massive sets and dance numbers.
“Normal” in fashion is now fashionable. It’s about practicality. People have stopped being so silly. They want to have pieces in their wardrobe that function and mix well with other things.
I get asked what I want to do in the future every day, which is crazy. I’m only 23 and I’ve been working for eight years. I’d like to work in the fashion industry but not as a model. Hopefully I’ll do photography and I’ll be designing stuff in the future. We’ll see.
Georgia May Jagger is the face of Sunglass Hut

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