Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ten Greatest Movie Characters

Darth Vader
The Dude
APPEARANCE: The Big Lebowski (1998)CREATORS: Joel Coen, Ethan CoenPERFORMER: Jeff BridgesDEFINING MOMENT: Throughout, The Dude is striving to return to his habitual state of rest but fails. Driving his beat-up Torino home in a rare moment of contentment, supping a beer, taking a toke and singing along to Creedence on the eight-track, he spots he’s being trailed. This latest assault on his embattled karma causes him in quick succession to flick his joint into his lap, squeal like a girl, pour beer on his trousers, and slam the Torino into a row of dustbins. Rattled but unhurt, his drugstore Ray-Bans — an excellent bellwether for The Dude’s equilibrium — are left comically askew.FASCINATING FACT: With the exception of his dream, you never actually see The Dude bowl.

Darth Vader
APPEARANCES: Star Wars: Episodes III-VI (1977-2005)CREATOR: George LucasPERFORMERS: David Prowse, James Earl Jones (voice), Sebastian Shaw, Hayden ChristensenDEFINING MOMENT: In the first two films (i.e. Episodes IV and V), Lord Vader is nothing more — or less — than the ultimate, über-cool villain. Remorseless, fearless, able to force-strangle his underlings via video link... But it’s in Return Of The Jedi that we realise, somehow, that we care about Vader — just as Luke does. In this sense, he’s defined by a small exchange with his offspring. Having been urged to let go of his hate, he says, almost sadly, “It is too late for me, son...”FASCINATING FACT: Vader was also technically played by famed Hollywood sword-master Bob Anderson, who donned the suit for Episode V and VI’s lightsaber duels.

Tyler Durden
APPEARANCE: Fight Club (1999)CREATOR: Chuck PalahniukPERFORMER: Brad PittDEFINING MOMENT: Tyler delivering the rules is the most quoted moment, but the scene that captures his dark humour is when he invites a beating from bar-owner Lou, spraying blood over him with an evilly gleeful, “You don’t know where I’ve been!”FASCINATING FACT: Pitt originally wanted to play The Narrator, but David Fincher convinced him to be Tyler instead.

John McClane
APPEARANCES: The Die Hard films (1988-2013), National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1 (1993)CREATORS: Roderick Thorp, Steven E. de Souza, Jeb StuartPERFORMER: Bruce WillisDEFINING MOMENT: Sending a dead terrorist back to his cohorts with a zinger daubed on him in blood. Tough, cocky, darkly funny.FASCINATING FACT: Fox had to offer the role to Frank Sinatra first, as technically Die Hard is a sequel to 1968’s The Detective.

The Joker
APPEARANCES: Batman The Movie (1966), Batman (1989), Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm (1993), The Dark Knight (2008)CREATORS: Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger, Bob KanePERFORMERS: Cesar Romero, Mark Hamill (voice), Jack Nicholson, Heath LedgerDEFINING MOMENT: Most votes specified Ledger’s Oscar-winning take, so we’ll go with his pencil-disappearing “magic trick”. Nasty and deeply unpredictable.FASCINATING FACT: Ledger’s Joker never looks at his victims while killing them.

Five Greatest Movie Characters

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