Sunday, May 20, 2012

Andrey Yakovlev / Glamour Photos

Glamour Photos 
by Andrey Yakovlev 

Colorful fashion and model photography by Moscow based Andrey Yakovlev.Elegant and seductive, stunningly beautiful women on these photos are undoubtedly worthy for your attention. Each shots are awesome. Just take a look and you will be absolutely fascinated!

Glamour Photos-2

Glamour Photos-3

Glamour Photos-4

Glamour Photos-5

Glamour Photos-6

Glamour Photos-7

Glamour Photos-8

Glamour Photos-9

Glamour Photos-10

Glamour Photos-11

Glamour Photos-12

Glamour Photos-13

Glamour Photos-14

Glamour Photos-15

Glamour Photos-16

Glamour Photos-17

Glamour Photos-18

Glamour Photos-19

Glamour Photos-20

Glamour Photos-21

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