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Donald Trump / This much I know / I think I like Prince Harry

Donald Trump_Photograph by Richard Drew

This much I know: Donald Trump

"I think I like Prince Harry"

The business magnate, 66, on never going bankrupt and his spats with Obama – and Alex Salmond

23 September 2012

People wanted me very badly to run for president at this year's elections. I was the leader in the polls, but I'm friendly with Romney and I have businesses to take care of. The Apprentice enters its 13th season this year. I will continue to provide a great many jobs, which is one thing my country needs. The other is a leader who knows business, and that is Romney.
I have an ongoing spat with Obama – obviously. I don't think he's doing a good job with the economy. There's nothing personal. We have our little ins and outs and of course there was his recent speech about me [Obama was very funny about Trump at the Washington State Dinner]. That was nice. I mean, it was good. I laughed.
I like to think big and that results in large, loud, spectacular things: casinos, hotels, golf resorts. I've loved sky scrapers since I built them with blocks as a kid. But there is a common denominator: elegance. A highly respected critic for theNew York Times said I was "the only beauty freak at large in NYC real estate development". He called the Trump World Tower "a handsome hunk", which it is.

Donald Trump

There's a tremendous pressure in business and few people can handle it. I've seen a lot of people fail and I can only think that [the ability to cope] is something you have within, a natural ingredient you're born with.
My father had a four-step formula for success, which accounts for my reputation for getting things done: "Get in, get it done, get it done right, get out."
I think I like Prince Harry. He's young and rebellious and I don't think people should hold that against him. I think the security didn't do a good job, frankly.
I never went bankrupt. I fought my way through a bad situation [Trump was $900m in the red in the early 90s] and now my company is worth more than $8bn, bigger and stronger than it's ever been. There's good debt and bad debt; it can be a form of leverage if you know how to work it.
Donald Trump by Debbie Kyser

To me, religion is comprehensive. It makes you think about the wider picture. My faith [Trump is Presbyterian] keeps me humble, while striving for great things.
My parents had a good model for marriage. They were together 61 years. My mother was from Stornoway but they met on holiday in New York and it was very romantic.
I support the person in politics, not the party. You've got to go for the champion, not the team..
The problem with Alex Salmond is that he wants to destroy Scotland with his ridiculous windmills that's he's littering the countryside with. I've just opened a golf resort in Aberdeen so I let him know. But everybody knows he's a disaster.

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