Friday, April 10, 2015

Erik Johansson / Photos II

Heaven Express
Erik Johansson

End of Line

A painting too real, 2008

Angry Ants

Anlagd översvämning, 2007

Aqua Custodia, 2010

Arms break, vases don’t, 2008

Big laundry day, 2011

Breaking up

Closing Out

Common sense crossing, 2010

Crossroads, 2010

Cut & Fold

Cutting light

Deep cuts

Diamond in the rough

Don’t look back

Downside of the upside, 2009


Drifting Away

Electric guitar, 2012

Breaking up

Expecting winter

Face vs. Fist, 2009

Fishy island, 2009

Fresh frozen fish, 2011

Go your own road, 2008



Helping fall, 2011

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