Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Erik Johansson / Cutting light

Cutting light
By Erik Johansson
This is a photo I’ve worked with for the past months. I’ve never really worked with fire so I saw it as an experiment. The idea was to let the lamp beam cut through basically anything that would come in its way. As it would be quite hard to shoot the fire at the location in the apartment I knew that I had to build it up piece by piece.
I shot a fire ring made up of lighter fuel and  saw dust outside in a controlled environment. I shot the smoke separately to be able to put it where I wanted. I then shot the empty room and the model to have something to start with. All lit from below with the fire in mind as a light source. To make sure I got the cut of the light beam right I made a simple 3d model of the space in Google sketchup. I don’t normally use 3d softwares in my work, but using photo match in Sketchup is a great way to see where an object should be placed in a 3-dimentional space.

Fire ringShooting smokeThe roomThe lampThe tableThe chairShooting modelThe room below3d model
Final photo

These are 100 % crops of the different parts of the photo:

100 % crops

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