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Kelli Brosnahan / Final Project

Hand, 2010

by Kelli Brosnahan
May 3, 2010

I take pictures for two reasons. Personally, I take pictures of things that are meaningful to me. These images represent the events in my life that were important enough to document visually or that stood out as being particularly beautiful at that given moment. I have thousands of pictures from vacations, of my friends and family, and some pictures of days where I brought my camera along and snapped a few pictures.

Professionally/scholastically the pictures I take are more abstract and generally do not hold the same sentimental value to me as my personal photography, aside from the blood, sweat, and tears that go into producing the image. I want to make people look at things differently through my images than as they would see those objects with their own eyes. I want to make people notice things that they normally would not notice. Early in Susan Sontag’s first chapter, she said “Just about everything has been photographed…or so it seems.” This goes along with my style a bit, because although what I photograph has more than likely been photographed before, I try to capture it in a different way.

I have found myself mixing business with pleasure lately, and crossing over more of my successful personal photography into my scholastic work. I do find, however, that it is harder to determine if a sentimental picture is successful because it means something to me or if it is actually a good image.

Foot and Rock, 2010

Legs, 2010

Fetal Position, 2010

Figure, 2010

Balled, 2010

Over the Shoulder, 2010

Hands and Feet, 2010

Sunrise, Sunrise, 2010

Twisted, 2010

Bent, 2010

Shadow, 2010

Body on Sand, 2010

Rocks, 2010

Upper Body, 2010

Profile, 2010

Portrait, 2010

Tangle, 2010

Serious, 2010

Wrapped Up, 2010

Hair, 2010

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