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Shakespeare / Romeo and Juliet / Act 2, Scene 2

Francesco Hayez
L'ultimo bacio di Romeo e Giulietta, 1823
Delaware Art Museum


By William Shakespeare

Act II, Scene II

Capulet's orchard.

He jests at scars that never felt a wound.
JULIET appears above at a window
But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief,
That thou her maid art far more fair than she:
Be not her maid, since she is envious;
Her vestal livery is but sick and green
And none but fools do wear it; cast it off.
It is my lady, O, it is my love!
O, that she knew she were!
She speaks yet she says nothing: what of that?
Her eye discourses; I will answer it.
I am too bold, 'tis not to me she speaks:
Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven,
Having some business, do entreat her eyes
To twinkle in their spheres till they return.
What if her eyes were there, they in her head?
The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars,
As daylight doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven
Would through the airy region stream so bright
That birds would sing and think it were not night.
See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand!
O, that I were a glove upon that hand,
That I might touch that cheek!
Ay me!
She speaks:
O, speak again, bright angel! for thou art
As glorious to this night, being o'er my head
As is a winged messenger of heaven
Unto the white-upturned wondering eyes
Of mortals that fall back to gaze on him
When he bestrides the lazy-pacing clouds
And sails upon the bosom of the air.
O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I'll no longer be a Capulet.
[Aside] Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?
'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all myself.
I take thee at thy word:
Call me but love, and I'll be new baptized;
Henceforth I never will be Romeo.
What man art thou that thus bescreen'd in night
So stumblest on my counsel?
By a name
I know not how to tell thee who I am:
My name, dear saint, is hateful to myself,
Because it is an enemy to thee;
Had I it written, I would tear the word.
My ears have not yet drunk a hundred words
Of that tongue's utterance, yet I know the sound:
Art thou not Romeo and a Montague?
Neither, fair saint, if either thee dislike.
How camest thou hither, tell me, and wherefore?
The orchard walls are high and hard to climb,
And the place death, considering who thou art,
If any of my kinsmen find thee here.
With love's light wings did I o'er-perch these walls;
For stony limits cannot hold love out,
And what love can do that dares love attempt;
Therefore thy kinsmen are no let to me.
If they do see thee, they will murder thee.
Alack, there lies more peril in thine eye
Than twenty of their swords: look thou but sweet,
And I am proof against their enmity.
I would not for the world they saw thee here.
I have night's cloak to hide me from their sight;
And but thou love me, let them find me here:
My life were better ended by their hate,
Than death prorogued, wanting of thy love.
By whose direction found'st thou out this place?
By love, who first did prompt me to inquire;
He lent me counsel and I lent him eyes.
I am no pilot; yet, wert thou as far
As that vast shore wash'd with the farthest sea,
I would adventure for such merchandise.
Thou know'st the mask of night is on my face,
Else would a maiden blush bepaint my cheek
For that which thou hast heard me speak to-night
Fain would I dwell on form, fain, fain deny
What I have spoke: but farewell compliment!
Dost thou love me? I know thou wilt say 'Ay,'
And I will take thy word: yet if thou swear'st,
Thou mayst prove false; at lovers' perjuries
Then say, Jove laughs. O gentle Romeo,
If thou dost love, pronounce it faithfully:
Or if thou think'st I am too quickly won,
I'll frown and be perverse an say thee nay,
So thou wilt woo; but else, not for the world.
In truth, fair Montague, I am too fond,
And therefore thou mayst think my 'havior light:
But trust me, gentleman, I'll prove more true
Than those that have more cunning to be strange.
I should have been more strange, I must confess,
But that thou overheard'st, ere I was ware,
My true love's passion: therefore pardon me,
And not impute this yielding to light love,
Which the dark night hath so discovered.
Lady, by yonder blessed moon I swear
That tips with silver all these fruit-tree tops--
O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon,
That monthly changes in her circled orb,
Lest that thy love prove likewise variable.
What shall I swear by?
Do not swear at all;
Or, if thou wilt, swear by thy gracious self,
Which is the god of my idolatry,
And I'll believe thee.
If my heart's dear love--
Well, do not swear: although I joy in thee,
I have no joy of this contract to-night:
It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden;
Too like the lightning, which doth cease to be
Ere one can say 'It lightens.' Sweet, good night!
This bud of love, by summer's ripening breath,
May prove a beauteous flower when next we meet.
Good night, good night! as sweet repose and rest
Come to thy heart as that within my breast!
O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?
What satisfaction canst thou have to-night?
The exchange of thy love's faithful vow for mine.
I gave thee mine before thou didst request it:
And yet I would it were to give again.
Wouldst thou withdraw it? for what purpose, love?
But to be frank, and give it thee again.
And yet I wish but for the thing I have:
My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.
Nurse calls within
I hear some noise within; dear love, adieu!
Anon, good nurse! Sweet Montague, be true.
Stay but a little, I will come again.
Exit, above
O blessed, blessed night! I am afeard.
Being in night, all this is but a dream,
Too flattering-sweet to be substantial.
Re-enter JULIET, above
Three words, dear Romeo, and good night indeed.
If that thy bent of love be honourable,
Thy purpose marriage, send me word to-morrow,
By one that I'll procure to come to thee,
Where and what time thou wilt perform the rite;
And all my fortunes at thy foot I'll lay
And follow thee my lord throughout the world.
[Within] Madam!
I come, anon.--But if thou mean'st not well,
I do beseech thee--
[Within] Madam!
By and by, I come:--
To cease thy suit, and leave me to my grief:
To-morrow will I send.
So thrive my soul--
A thousand times good night!
Exit, above
A thousand times the worse, to want thy light.
Love goes toward love, as schoolboys from
their books,
But love from love, toward school with heavy looks.
Re-enter JULIET, above
Hist! Romeo, hist! O, for a falconer's voice,
To lure this tassel-gentle back again!
Bondage is hoarse, and may not speak aloud;
Else would I tear the cave where Echo lies,
And make her airy tongue more hoarse than mine,
With repetition of my Romeo's name.
It is my soul that calls upon my name:
How silver-sweet sound lovers' tongues by night,
Like softest music to attending ears!
My dear?
At what o'clock to-morrow
Shall I send to thee?
At the hour of nine.
I will not fail: 'tis twenty years till then.
I have forgot why I did call thee back.
Let me stand here till thou remember it.
I shall forget, to have thee still stand there,
Remembering how I love thy company.
And I'll still stay, to have thee still forget,
Forgetting any other home but this.
'Tis almost morning; I would have thee gone:
And yet no further than a wanton's bird;
Who lets it hop a little from her hand,
Like a poor prisoner in his twisted gyves,
And with a silk thread plucks it back again,
So loving-jealous of his liberty.
I would I were thy bird.
Sweet, so would I:
Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing.
Good night, good night! parting is such
sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow.
Exit above
Sleep dwell upon thine eyes, peace in thy breast!
Would I were sleep and peace, so sweet to rest!
Hence will I to my ghostly father's cell,
His help to crave, and my dear hap to tell.


  1. Romeo and Juliet
    As I see it, Romeo and Juliet is a versatile play, I think that the writer knew how to catch people's attention and how to provoke and awake them, since Romeo and Juliet is the story of two lovers united by love and divided by the fight among families. In the same way, it reflects the eternal love due to they have fight against the impossibility of a happy life together, because of a family feud.
    Also, it is relevant to point out that Shakespeare in this story talked about history and the society, the importance of politics, due to the way he wrote his script; he stated a remarkable difference of social status between Romeo and Juliet. However, personally, I think that his main purpose was entertainment because, it is all about love and hate and justice and injustice and all of those details transform this play in a plot absolutely interesting.

  2. This is a fantastic playwright, which through the expressed good manners and vocabulary belonging to a past time, gives the opportunity to the reader to know the beautiful and romantic aspects belonging to the pure and mere love. This is the particular situation of the couple, that although the enemies and the obstacles, preserved hope.
    They animate the reader not only to keep on exploring the facts within the story, but also stimulate the imagination, reviving the images inside of mind. Although the end of this wonderful story is kind of unexpected and dramatic, it brings into the reader’s heart the feeling or the sensation that the main characters lived their love completely, passionately, without leaving remaining things to say.
    As all the other stories that have something to teach, this one is not the exception; besides being the greatest playwright of all times, Romeo and Juliet, has the intrinsic power to teach to the reader that courage and persistence to reach what each human being wants, superpose any kind of difficulty, no matter it could be. It also teaches to live each day’s situation as the last one existent in life; doing things and living beautiful experiences such as love, with the same passion and commitment as they did.

  3. Before giving my opinion about this play, I must say that I like William Shakespeare and admire him because he is the greatest playwright ever; this is the first time I read “Romeo and Juliet” and I can say it was kind of difficult because there are too many unknown words and they are in old English. However, when something catches your attention, you have to keep going if you want to know what is going on. At the beginning it was not easy to understand, but after I finished reading, I realized that it was a wonderful play which made me feel different feelings such as intrigue, sadness, happiness, surprise and so on. In my view the way the author expressed all his emotions make me think that a person’s mind, as I said in my last comment, is a very powerful weapon. That is why William Shakespeare in all his works had something interesting to give us as readers, because normally every play or every poem is well structured and makes us feeling different emotions. To be honest, Romeo and Juliet is one of the most interesting plays I’ve ever read. I was completely in love with the plot and the words that Romeo was saying to Juliet. It was romantic, pure and, to be more precise and make a comparison, we can’t appreciate such a love nowadays; I think that what the world really needs is a return of sweetness and decency. By this I mean that love is such a commercial word nowadays and people are using it when they don’t even know the real meaning. To continue what I was saying, Romeo and Juliet is a representation of love and tragedy. Sometimes when we are in love, we do things that we can imagine, and we think that is the right thing to do, even if people are against us like in the play. What I love the most about this story is that it wasn't a happy ending; they died because sometimes love hurts and can be cruel. On the other hand I could say that reading plays is not easy. You have to be concentrated to understand the plot and the sequence of it. In general, however, Romeo and Juliet is an interesting play to be read because you can learn new vocabulary, expressions and also understand a little bit about the greatest dramatist all around the world - William Shakespeare.

  4. Romeo and Juliet

    First of all, I must say that this is one of the greatest stories of all times, not only because of the writer’s (Shakespeare) style but also because of the content itself. Besides, no one has ever written such a romantic story. The fact that no one ever has, does not mean that there are not other great stories out there. In fact nowadays we can enjoy and amuse ourselves by reading master pieces from different authors, but Shakespeare will be always the greatest writer among the others (in my personal opinion). The act II, scene II of the story is one of the most performed scenes of a play in the human history and it would be a privilege to have the opportunity to be part of an act of such magnitude. I have never played this scene before, but if someday I have the chance, I would be more than thankful.
    I love poetry and romanticism. Personally I love writing poems and songs. Inspiration comes to me easily. When I want to express my feelings; I sing several songs depending on the situation. But If I’m in love with someone or I want to show my feelings to that person I write a poem in which I can demonstrate that I love him from the bottom of my heart, or at least that my love is pure. Love, friendship and every positive feeling or emotion that someone or something can produce in our lives, can be expressed through different ways, but personally I consider that poems are one of the most intimate ways to let people know what it is going through our mind and heart.

    In one hand being able to express our thoughts and ideas is a blessing and some people do not realize that they have such talent and do not usually make the most of it. On the other hand not all of the people can be that expressive not only because they are shy but because they think that poems, and everything that has something to do with romanticism is twee. Sometimes shyness does not allow people to be themselves and talk to others, it also constrains them in many aspects that affect their lives; they seem to be always afraid of someone or something although they are not. But this was not Shakespeare’s case because through his writing we can notice that he loved expressing himself and almost four hundred years later he is still a master.

    Susan Córdoba Huertas

  5. Romeo and Juliet is a classic in the Anglophone literature and certainly the story is recognized as one of the best works written by Shakespeare; for the great proclamation of love that Romeo expresses towards Juliet. The play “Romeo and Juliet” tells us the story of two young lovers who, despite opposition from their families, rival each other, decided to fight for their life to be married in secret, but the pressure of that conflict leads the suicide of the two lovers.

    However, the act 2 scene 2 named “Capulet's orchard”, it is a great scene identified by the famous phrase known around the world: " O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?”. The most relevant aspect of this scene is not only the majestic words of beauty that tells Romeo to Juliet but also the beginning of the show of love they felt but because of opposition from their families.

    Shakespeare uses light and dark imagery in this scene to describe the love between Romeo and Juliet. Romeo looks to the balcony and compares Juliet to the sun. He then asks the sun to rise and kill the envious moon. Romeo is a great example of how a man can express his feelings to a woman. However, nowadays men’s attitude has changed since most women do not give the importance of showing a bit of love through a poem or beautiful words.

    Elkin Perneth Parra

  6. Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet is one of the most popular plays of William Shakespeare; it is a poetic tragedy about love and obsession of one young lady and his dreamed love which end consuming and destroying their lives. For this reason, I found the whole story somewhat depressing, because I prefer happy endings where people can live happily ever after. For me it does not matter if the development of the story is sad or heartbreaking, I just care about the endings of the story.
    But, I think that this story can be compared to real love stories, because when we break up with our couple, we can be depressed and life does not have any sense for us. Through this story we can be reminded that love can make us lose our minds because we do not pay attention to risks and disappointments that this feeling can make us go through.
    Moreover, I love Shakespeare and I actually like a lot of Shakespeare's work as Hamlet, Macbeth and Othello. But this play for me is so simple and very romantic with a simple storyline that is love and death of two young people; it did not present other subplots which caught my attention. I would like to read a story or play with more action and suspense because I prefer to read and see movies about this kind of literary genre.

    Yessica Sierra

  7. The story of Romeo and Juliet is the most beautiful example of love that could ever exist. People can react in different ways when reading this scene because of their own vision of love, but in my case I was transported to an imaginary world in which the problems and obstacles are not an impediment for love to be demonstrated. I realize how we are changed not only when we have that kind of feelings for someone else but also when we are prepared to assume the consequences of our decisions.

    In life, the words war and love are joined to bring sadness or happiness to our life. It means that in love as much as in war fighting is necessary to wrestle and sometimes love just turns into a battle among the participants involved. On the other hand, people we love are just far from our side. However, through the story the main characters deal with those differences in order to be together in this life or after life. Love lasts forever, and personally death is not the end of it.

    Finally, this story made me think about the special moments in life where the only choice we have is to be happy. Even if life is short and not all things and situations will bring comforting feelings along with them, we are the responsible of enjoying the little aspects inside it and keep them in our memories. I do not consider myself to be as romantic as Juliet and maybe this literary gender is not my favorite, nevertheless people could copy the good behaviors and attitudes from the scholastic inheritance left by Shakespeare.

  8. When I read the fragment of Romeo and Juliet’s play (Act II, Scene II), I realized that life is very short and we spend the most of it crying, suffering, and being worried and sad for everything. We always think in bad things, bad moments and experiences, but we rarely think about the happy moments and experiences that make us smile and feel that we fly instead of walking.
    In this play William Shakespeare shows us that life is a joint of happy and sad moments, good and bad, very bad experiences, but with the help of them we can enjoy our existence. Just like Romeo and Juliet did, they enjoyed their love and their lives, until their death, and in this fragment we can see the powerful feeling that they felt for each other.
    Romeo and Juliet’s love is the love that everybody wants to have and to feel, because it is pure, innocent and perfect. But sadly, in this life nothing is perfect, for this reason our real love and existence is sad and painful, because we are always in our balcony waiting for our Romeo, who can save us of our life and thus we can have a happy ending or a happy death, just for love.

    Maria Lisseth Gelvez

  9. Life is what defines the existence of human beings, and it is influenced by several components such as family, society, economy, generation to generation, peace, love, adventures, deceptions, tragedies, and even the death among others. All of these components are essential because they make daily life most interesting, amazing, unforgettable and full of sense. The existence has not logic if problems do not exist.
    William Shakespeare is a well known author who expressed through the play of Romeo and Juliet that life is not just breathing, eating, sleeping, or occupying a part of the planet. For him life is “love”, and love is more than a family, a society, a tragedy, etc. Shakespeare indicated that life is composed by strong feelings which conduct its owners to find solutions to different problems even death.
    Yes, it sounds strange, but it is significant to express the reality. “Love” is more than seeing in a perfect way: It is to think, to act, to forgive, to apologize, and to enjoy everything that makes sense to the existence. Why did Shakespeare want to express it? Maybe, because he saw the existence with the deeper feeling people have, “Love” and what it implies, Affection and sacrifice.

    Lenny Alvarado Rico

  10. Comment of the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

    Romeo and Juliet is for me, one of the most beautiful and amazing Shakespeare’s works. Everybody who read this play felt in love and everybody would like to be “a Romeo”. What it happened in this play, sometimes happens nowadays, I mean that there are couples that are really in loved, and they can say that LOVE really exists, even though in this world there is lots of malevolence.

    Equally, what the play transmits to us is something that we can experience currently because there are some persons who are really in love and their families oppose to them, they do not want that she or he pretends to have a relationship, probably because of different reasons according to them, sometimes it is because one of them comes from poor families or because they have had misunderstandings or any dispute in their lives.

    Finally, today, most of the people do not think love exists; they say that nobody loves to nobody, and probably they are right because it is something that the Bible says: to the end of the last days, people would not have natural love; humans will be lovers of pleasures, money, lovers of themselves than lovers of GOD. However, Romeo and Juliet is not the biggest act of love, the biggest act of love ever showed was what God did for each one of us: to give his first-born son to die for us in order to our sins are forgiven, but all of us must wield faithfulness in such sacrifice.


  11. Romeo and Juliet is one of my favorite plays because I really like the way how the sequence of the events are developed and also the way the writer imagined the characters and how he put them into context. on the other hand: we have to take into account that this story besides being a romantic one is also a story that shows us how the world and the precepts people or a families have can be defeated by a true love, a love that became eternal in this story.
    Therefore, we can say that the play was written at a time where people care so much about the social and economic structures that is why this play makes itself extraordinary because nowadays we realize those similar structures in our very own societies which are just interested in money, fame and of course family names, but taking a close look at the play William Shakespeare the writer was able to let us know that love is more important than anything in life.
    Finally, I can conclude saying that a true love is like the one shown by Shakespeare when he was able to describe and compare the lady with the angels and the stars on the heaven, he was also able to say that the moon and the angels of God pay her a honor for her beauty; more importantly and attractive is when this man (Romeo) is willing to risk his own life just to be able to stay with the love of his loves who does not care about who he is she just cares about what she feels for him.

    Fredys Beltran Betin

  12. Rome and Juliet

    The first time I read Romeo and Juliet (in my high school); I did not understand it because of the vocabulary, words and the structure of the play. But in my second time I loved it, all these kinds of tragic love stories that show how people can be completely out of their minds when it comes to love. They would hurt themselves, or even kill themselves for reasons that might seem entirely nonsense, but love is the mystery that changes everything.

    Romeo and Juliet is doubtlessly the most famous love story of all times, I personally love this play, purely because it's an escape from this modern world, for example the balcony scene, that is known as the place where the two lovers professed their love for each other. This scene shows two lovers doing everything they could to be together despite their feuding family, and also despite death.

    The thing that I liked in the play was that it focuses on romantic love, specifically the intense passion that springs up at first sight between Romeo and Juliet. In Romeo and Juliet, love is violent, unique, is like a force that overcomes all other challenges, obstacles and emotions. In the course of the play, the lovers are driven to defy their entire social world: families. Love in Romeo and Juliet is a brutal, powerful emotion that captures the readers and the real love in a heart outside of this world.

  13. Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story and at the same time a perfect love between two young lovers. It was written by Shakespeare, who through the literature history let us know this kind of love which all people maybe dream around the world and others consider impossible to exist. Also, Shakespeare was able to become those characters as real people for the readers or connoisseurs of this story because the dialogues between the characters are full of strong love phrases and passion. In my case, I thought that it was a real story for many years.
    On the other hand, talking about the way Romeo and Juliet see their love each other, I can say that it is a kind of idolatry which beats even love for their own life as human beings, because they not only say wonderful words but also they demonstrate love each other which is real and pure. Nowadays, it is very different, because if someone says or gives a love poem, it is considered out of date; and most people become unbelievers of love due to the deceptions they have had.
    Finally, it is clear that love is the most important human being emotion and of course sometimes love has unavoidable difficulties; thus I think that commit suicide oneself is not a good decision, because the idea is to face up those obstacles and to be alive in order to enjoy our goals and our love; therefore when there is love and feelings are in common between two people, it is easier to reach what is wanted, but it is important to act with the heart and with the mind.

  14. As Romeo and Juliet is a widely known play all around the world, before reading this fragment I already knew about its plot and the drama in which Romeo and Juliet tragically died. Added to that, I was already acquainted with the famous romantic balcony scene and some of its parodies in Spanish. Fortunately, this helped me to have a better understanding of this fragment as it was a bit difficult for me to interpret its romantic touch, taking into account that it contains a non-present-day language.

    In addition, the fact that romantic literature is not one of my favorite kinds of literature constituted a drawback when making sense of the feelings that the characters were expressing in this scene. In spite of that, I liked the overall plot of this play because of the dramatic touch that Shakespeare stamped on it. Nevertheless, as the conception of romanticism has changed as time has gone by, I am not a supporter of using hyperboles in order to put emphasis on romantic feelings as it gives rather a comical effect.

    Lastly, although time passes there have not been any other romantic scenes that have acquired a big recognition as a symbol of love. As for me, this play does not continue being an archetype of
    romanticism in our time -considering that it dates back to the XVI century-. For that reason, even if it was been an iconic representation of love, currently everyone has created a different viewpoint on love that cannot be widely generalized. Thus, people sometimes take this romantic scene as though it was funny and not as an inspirational work.


    Romeo and Juliet , this play was written by Shakespeare likewise it was categorized as one of the most romantic stories of all times and recognized around the world as a masterpiece of this writer . Even, there are some facts that caught my attention, the way Romeo and Juliet fell in love at first sight.

    Romeo and Juliet is the representation of love which doesn´t exist today. As a viewer and reader I can figure out that the real feelings exposed here are pure and sweet. Another aspect is the linguistic knowledge that Shakespeare used in this scene,the use of words and sentences at the moment of writing were right.

    From my point of view, it’s a so beautiful story which I enjoyed reading and saw it at the theatre as well as amusical and opera and in different versions which were adapted from the original and it is an inspiration by other authors who decided to create their own stories based on it, because it is a combination of comedy and tragedy that attracts readers and observers. For me this play is lovely and wonderful; is a way to describe my admiration for this writing.

  16. When reading Romeo and Juliet we realize that there is a man willing to sacrifice his life to get what he wants, in this case Romeo’s desire is to have Juliet’s love which for him is all that he needs to be alive, to have the life he wishes. Romeo in the story makes beautiful comparisons of his love Juliet; he dares to compare the love he feels for her with the stars of the sky, and he shows that no matter what happens he will be able to prove that he is the one she needs and love.

    When putting the play in scene we can see that each one of the scenes is unique and they can be seen as a single story because Shakespeare was able to create a different atmosphere and autonomous way to develop the story’s scene, therefore what it most attractive is that all the story has a tremendous impact when seeing it or reading due to independence of each one and the end of the story which it totally differs from what you expect.

    To sum up, it has to be said that this play is very amazing but more importantly is the message we can have from it, in my case I noticed that William Shakespeare was passionate with love and feelings and not only love but also death because I saw in the whole play that love can defeat and overcome any difficult situation. On the other hand, I learnt that if in this world you do not get what you want you will get it in the other one, so according to Romeo and Juliet’s ending that can happen.


  17. When we see the love story between Romeo and Juliet, we find that it was the purest love in the world; they just wanted to be happy and the happiness to them was in the other one. It inspires me to believe in love, it is possible that in any place in the world, there is a person who loves me as Romeo, but, in general words and thinking of the reality nowadays. The conception about love has changed totally comparing with the time of Shakespeare (the author of the story “Romeo and Juliet”).
    Talking about the problem between their families, it is a case presented in all the times when the parents disagree with the couple; sometimes that disagreement is because people judge without exploring the real feelings between the couple; but it could be too because the parents of one has had an argument against the other one, and who pay the consequences are the sons generation by generation or the last one cause of the disagreement is the difference in social status.
    General speaking, it is said that the love between Romeo and Juliet is the best love in all the times because they did things that only the real lovers do, for example jump the wall in order to the see the princess/prince; without thinking of the result of this action (it could be the death) or just decide to forget their family, name and life in order to please the other one. I think that kind of love exists in our real context; it is necessary look for it.
    That is real love!!!!!!


  18. Romeo and Juliet, the romance story most known around the world due to its very special consummation of love, love presented among the darkest evil feelings of people. Likewise, it was written by the English William Shakespeare who is one instead of saying the most important dramatists writer in the world, for his ability to create characters and situations that embody human's passions. In this particular drama, we can perceive the allusion of love in the tragic relationship of Romeo and Juliet, a love that is intense and haunted by the disaster.

    For me, this story is kind of sad although, the main idea is love and romance. The setting where the story took place is not the proper for this new born love, the families of these younger lovers do not like each other and the relation cannot blossom as it should. The couple tried to make their love become real, no matter the families’ disagreements, or the problems that would come besides, they thought they will achieve their love, this is the climax part: no matter what they believe in their love and they will fight for it.

    Finally, love is presented as a fleeting feeling that cannot become real in a cruel world because of the tragic end of the lovers’ relation. Further, the idea that the younger lovers immortalize their affection at the moment of dying is very romantic and poetic, but it is very awful that this kind of beautiful and pure love cannot exist in real life.


    We all know the dramatic love story published in 1597 about the lovers of Verona. Between the tragedy and the comedy, this is the most famous love story of the English literature; the myth, the literary richness that inspired numerous authors and artistic styles: poems, ballets, paintings, operas and so on because Shakespeare’s work is a testimony of what Romeo and Juliet wished to reach: the ideal of harmony through their unconditional love in a world confronted with the familiar and religious conflicts as well as the civil and politic wars of their time.

    Actually, is there a couple more famous than Romeo and Juliet? A scene more famous than this of the balcony? This scene is found in the act II, scene II, it is about the first real confrontation between the lovers, Juliet appears in her window while Romeo talks to her from below in the darkness. The place where the scene is developed is a place associated with the courtly love during the Renaissance.Love and the orchards are confidentially connected in novels and songs of the courteous literature, it is about a place of ground perfection, and a closed place where we can love in complete safety since the nature is in favor of lovers.

    Finally, an aspect that it is necessary to underline is Shakespeare’s language since he uses diverse poetic forms throughout the play: Shakespeare used a mixture of verse and prose in his plays to denote the social status of his characters. During the scene of the balcony, Romeo and Juliet exchange words of love and I liked very much the nobility of the tone, this language very descriptive, poetic and metaphoric. We thus have here a scene which rests more on the word than on the body movements.

    When Reading Romeo and Juliet, I realized how difficult was to understand it. Firstly, because it was written in old English, secondly because there were a lot of unknown romantic expressions for me and sometimes there were some difficult sentences for giving them sense. As a matter of fact, one thing I liked the most was when we had the opportunity to share and listen the different versions of each one of our classmates’ translation, it is amazing listening a variety of ideas.
    Having in mind that it is a very romantic play, we as readers became interested in reading it because although we do not understand it in a good way, there are some nice fragments which lead us to make a big effort to be immersed in the situation and understand it. On the other hand, it is a play that shows us the way we have to trait a woman, be a very expert poet to say sweet words in a catchy way. Also, this play is important because according to its content, it teaches us to give value to the women.
    In my humble opinion, sometimes I say that love does not exist, because it is difficult to find a person who correspond us. But when reading some lovely stories and specially Romeo and Juliet, we realized that maybe others have had an experience like that. What is true in a very romantic situation is that any day it is going to finish and then it comes suffering.

  21. When I was a little girl, I remember having lots of ideas in my mind about love. If you would have asked me in my childhood about love I maybe would have said: “Love does not exist, it is not real. I will never fall in love with someone”. But nowadays I do not think so because I have had the opportunity to experience true love with my Father: God, my family and friends. That is why the Bible reflects thoughts about love in the chapter 1 Corinthians 13:4-8:

    On the other hand, I want to express my point of view about one of the most relevant stories of the world as Romeo and Juliet written early in the career of William Shakespeare where he describes the real power or energy of an amazing feeling as love. This important play reflects an unconditional affection which we can know the meaning of love as a kind of sacrifice, passion and kindness for giving and doing everything to be with that person. In fact, when I read that romantic play I really felt that I was in love and I could visualize how great the love of Romeo and Juliet was. I love romantic stories because I consider that I am a lovely person and sometimes love make me feel crazy. I remember when I watched the movie “Titanic” at the first time I cried because I imagine that must be so sad and terrible to lose the true love. I am not sure if I have fallen in love with someone but I would like to be like Juliet like the way she loves.

    To conclude, it is necessary take into account that love involves everything in our lives, for that reason, I hope to be happy with my family and to make other people smile using as a model love in my life in my talent and in my heart. If is possible I would like to get married to a handsome man and come to love like Romeo and Juliet until their death.

  22. In a general way, if I can say that Romeo and Juliet is a very pleasant story to read. What the author wants is that the lovers of the romanticism are astounded with the play, not only because the story contains suspense, drama and action but also because in the story the readers can perceive as the comedy and the tragedy are joined to create entertaining and captivating expectations, especially if we speak about the characters of the play.

    In my humble opinion, talking critically with regard to Romeo and Juliet Act 2 scene 2, I can deduce that, this part of the play is about how a young man called Romeo confesses his love to a beautiful young woman called Juliet. What is more interesting is the way how Romeo does it; in other words, this young man uses figures of speech to do it , such as: hyperboles and similes.

    To sum up, with my brief intervention, I would like to do an invitation to people in pro of reading this play; I think that , plays of this kind help us to be immersed in a good knowledge of any literature. This play deserves to be read, believe me! Nevertheless, I consider that this scene is too romantic for my taste, even thought, I stop and I say to myself, this part of the play has to be like that, it is the most romantic scene of love around the world.

  23. Romeo and Juliet, is that kind of stories you will never forget it, just for the way how the author awake different feelings no matter whether the person who is reading it, it is romantic or not.Therefore, it is easy to be involved within the story and feeling that love presented in this scene. It is important to say that Romeo and Juliet is an epic love playwright, because it is the story of two lovers separated for their families and the differences they have had for a long time and despite the pure and true love, they felt, they could not establish a relationship. However, Romeo is the hero of the story considering that he fought against his family, just for being close to Juliet.
    On the other hand, talking about Juliet, she is a lovely girl who was starting to love; in the playwright, she is careful with her relationship, because despite the love she feels for Romeo, she is scared for the future consequences that this rapport could lead. She could not avoid feeling in love with Romeo, but at the same time, sometimes she tried to forget the simple fact that they could not be together and she preferred to keep enjoying the moment. However, I admire Juliet because she was strong, in my opinion I would not be able to confront this. It was really hard and sad for them.
    Besides, this is one of the greatest stories of all times, because of the content itself and because no one has ever written such a romantic story, I have to say that Shakespeare’s inspiration was awesome and masterful. Thanks to him, I was transported to an imaginary world in which the problems and obstacles are not an impediment for love and being loved. Finally, “Romeo and Juliet’s love” is the love that everybody wants to have and to feel, because it is pure, true, innocent and perfect; however, nothing is perfect in this life not even true love.

  24. Romeo and Juliet

    We as readers usually prefer or look for different stories that make us feel or imagine what the author wrote, for that reason some of us like horror, comedy, mystery or real life stories, because each type of literature has a different way to involve and tell us a story; in some cases, we only read what we want or believe that are the best; however, it is important to read different types of literature in order to be more critical, because if we read a lot, we can increase our perspective and learn about diverse topics. One of those stories that deserve to be read is Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare that narrate a tragedy love story, giving a real meaning of “love” in which we are witness of all the difficulties that a couple has to overcome for being together.

    In act 2 scene 2, with every word that Romeo used, I could think that he would do everything for being with Juliet, for example: leave his family or change his name. Actually, from that moment Romeo only lived for loving, protecting and adoring her. On the other hand, Juliet paid attention and she wanted to be with him too. However, she was worried about their family, which they wanted to separate them. Indeed, Juliet was nervous and she did not show her feelings a lot, she was hoping for what was going to happen if they could be together or not. For that reason, I could say that love require confidence and patience in order to achieve it.

    Finally, in this part of the story, the author gave us with every phrase a detailed description to imagine Juliet’s beauty or how Romeo saw her for example: when he compared the moon with her beauty and the stars with her eyes. It is so romantic. In my personal opinion, the lesson of this story was to struggle for love and every obstacle could be considered as a step to reach happiness that means to be with that special person.


    In the first place, William Shakespeare shows us in his story of Romeo and Juliet a romantic play, where readers can see the love’s language or the way that we can use romanticism to express our love to another person. In addition, I think that each metaphor word used by Romeo and Juliet to communicate their love is strange; for instance, if someone says something to me like: “I am too bold, ‘tis not to me she speaks: two of the fairest stars in all the heaven, having some business, do entreat her eyes to twinkle in their spheres till they return.”, could be that I did not understand what he wanted to tell me.

    Moreover, their love was passionate and platonic because of their thoughts; as well as, the exaggeration, modesty and emotion used by Romeo to express the Juliet’s beauty were excessive; furthermore, when Romeo described the physical aspect of Juliet in comparison with the moon; it was very extravagant and in my humble opinion all the scene was very honeyed.

    For instance, comparing that period with our time I can say that people at that period are not worried about expressing feelings o making someone to fall in love with them, because it was around the love expressions, it could be because of they were influenced by the romanticism time. In exchange, actually people get to the point, people do not express with romanticism their feelings, it could be because of the technology or could be because of the work, fashion, etc.

    In conclusion, to me the romanticism is more or less ridiculous, because words are words but the facts are more important, that is to say, before the way or the style used to win someone's heart or affections was fantastic because if you promised to do something you must kept it, for instance if I knew you but I do not remember you! (si te vi ni me acuerdo). The only thing that we must keep in mind is no matter the beauty, the nice words or money but the essence, the personality and the honesty displayed by our suitor, you do not believe in all what somebody tell you. Be patient!

  26. "Romeo and Juliet"
    Alexandra Torres

    Romeo and Juliet is an excellent play, because it shows us the romanticism and at the same time, it show us the tragedy that characterizes this piece, for that reason, Romeo and Juliet is very important around the world, because Shakespeare uses a dramatic structure that make the readers have a high tension on knowing about how the main characters fight for love, in spite of their families are enemies.

    Also Shakespeare uses subplots which embellish this drama; besides, the use of the romantic words make the readers have on their hands a beautiful and long poem instead of a common play. Thus, the purpose of this performance is to know about a sincere love and the consequences that can limit a love when the families are disappointed about it.

    Finally, from my point of view, I think that Shakespeare wanted to express that love does not always triumph as people wish, also the story is very important because it catches the attention on everybody, because at the end, the young teenage lovers die for being together without regarding what their families think about it. On the other hand, Romeo and Juliet is a different drama because the end is not the same as the other end that finish with a happy ending, for example fairy tale, for that reason Romeo and Juliet is a well -known play around the world, because it is about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately unite their families.

  27. Romeo and Juliet
    The title Romeo and Juliet brought to my mind a memory of the most famous dramatic story written by William Shakespeare, before reading it I knew something about the story; the terrible end of the main characters because of their love and the fight between their families.
    The Capulet’s orchard is a very romantic scene full of poetry and love; an impossible but unstopped love, infinite which did not take into account the prejudices, even, the honor of a family: their own families. Nevertheless, that profound love was the counselor of their tragedy, of their deaths and the end of that unbreakable passion compared with the unreal things in the world.
    The fight between the Capulet and Montague families was the first and the main obstacle of that forbidden affair, the honor of a family had a relevant importance in that epoch, also, because parents decided the future of their descendants, especially women, they did not accept the union between a member of their family with the other, so, Romeo and Juliet felt unfortunate because of the already known destiny of their feelings. The intense feeling between them was stronger that the blood in their veins, they preferred to refuse their names to have the true love for lifelong.
    This is a scene of pure love and passion too, with obstacles and limitations and it could be compared with our time, because the feelings and emotions will be always present in the society, it does not matter if there are people who think they do not feel anything, they love their family, mother or a son, love is wherever and our expressions can talk for our thoughts, we love who are around us.
    I liked the scene, but I have to say that the suffocating way to demonstrate love is too much expressive; I think, this is a scene that shows more passion than love. Moreover, the author gave us an example of how an impossible love can be end in a tragedy, sometimes because we do not think in the consequences of our acts.

  28. A beautiful and astonishing play by William Shakespeare, which evokes the magnificence of dramatic literature as well as the theatre`s power from that century. I really adored that work not only because it has a worldwide value for those who try to unchain their souls from the limited and censured reality through arts like me, but also its symbolism and imagery. It is amazing how this genius could integrate in this story a plenty of elements that make it powerful, such as: allusions, metaphors and visual imageries.
    There is one component that called my attention the most, in the light of what I considered to be the essence of this play and it is how death joins two young hearts to eternity. I argue that because life is expected to give us the opportunity to love as deep and desperately as we want, but in Romeo and Juliet’s case, it became their biggest obstacle, nevertheless, what life doomed to be apart, the dark and cold arms of the death sheltered to perpetuity.I do not really know why I just compare this paradox with the initial phrase in Hamlet: “To be or not to be, that is the question”. Perhaps, because nobody could express such as immense dilemma in just one sentence as Shakespeare did, this sentence could symbolize what we generally confront when we live, even when we learn to love and this love seems to be high above us.
    As can be seen, this play gives us the chance not only to feel passion, grief, expectation, hate and love for a few minutes but also to admire the richness of a language in the word of the most brilliant dramatist: Shakespeare.

  29. Surely in an Anglophone course it must be obligatory to study Shakespeare, fortunately we already did. After reading and analyzing the balcony scene from the great play Romeo and Juliet I realized why Shakespeare is considered as the father of Modern English. One reason is the variety of new vocabulary and sentences he introduced in his works; another reason, it is the way he combined drama, humor and irony in his writing.
    Romeo and Juliet are the unconditional lovers who faced problematic times which forced them to a tragic and sorrowful love story. One could say Romeo has become an icon of what a perfect man is; meanwhile, all women want to be the fortunate Juliet. In cinema, the play has been adapted with a big success; however, there is nothing like having the opportunity to read the book because it is Shakespeare’s genius in paper.
    Finally, it is worth to mention the transcendence this play has had through several years and how it has been positioned in our daily lives as a guide to believe that real love really exists even if this is a product from one man’s imagination, we know this happens commonly. Once in life we all become a Romeo or a Juliet risking ourselves to protect others because one simple feeling (love) has moved all the cycle.

  30. “Romeo and Juliet” One of the most important drama in all history; 3003 lines of love, fights, tragedies and one unexpected end: death. I consider that through his pen, Shakespeare condensed one of the most beautiful and the classic story that has been passed from Queen Elizabeth time as an inspirational reference to idealized romance. Even, if I am not a romantic man as Romeo was, I liked his speech; I mean, the Shakespearian words which seemed out of this world.
    Turning to my point of view as an EFL learner, I would like to say that I found a little bit difficult to understand the English used by the author; however, then, when I realized that I had just read some lines from the great Shakespeare I knew this was more than an amazing experience, it was the good language in my hands! This was the key to overcome the challenge of translating a part of the second scene enjoying the task at the same time.
    To conclude and throwing my flirting tips (you know, we are not romantic anymore) away, I highlight the sincere feeling Romeo had when he met Juliet. Everything in life has its cost; unfortunately love also does. Although we all wanted a different end to the play, these admirable lovers could not release from their fates, they both died under the ironic circumstances provoked by LOVE!

  31. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

    Even if it is an old Shakespeare’s tragedy, it will be everyday more valuable due to its quality in details being known as a lovely masterpiece, in that, it shows how literature can involve a great kind of feelings. In addition, this tragedy is a clear proof of Shakespeare’s talent, since he wrote each line with his whimsical inspiration, perhaps he knew that Romeo and Juliet will be one of the most important fortunes in literature and cultural inheritance.

    Moreover, this masterpiece has the power to let us imagine and feel that we are in that century, since the British author shared with us the politics, the ideas and the thoughts which were relevant in that period, but what I really admire is that he did it with subtleness and in an implicit way. As a consequence, in each line we can perceive the sensibility of each one of the characters who had brave hearts, compromise and loyalty in each one of their behaviors and attitudes. It is clear that he was a really smart men, and this is why his lines make us think about love and unnecessary wars.

    To sum up, Romeo and Juliet persuade as to believe and think about real and requited love, they invite us at least to try, to fight for what make us happy, for what we want as destiny. Sadly, in real live not all is an awesome dream full of passion and romanticism, this is why Shakespeare did not avoid the dark side of this society that change and evolve in such as insulting way. Fortunately, we can fight against injustices using as a weapon our love, love is the one and only weapon that can save us.

  32. This fragment of Romeo and Juliet is considered as the most romantic scene in the world. As it presents every single thing that Romeo says in order to captivate Juliet. It is important to highlight the Romeo’s ability to enrich each word that he pronounces and the way he talks. He takes advantage of his imagination for mixing love and the nature’s wonder. Although he knows that there is a barrier among them, he shows Juliet that his love is unconditional.
    On my point of view, I consider that this scene is quite interesting, and reflects how a woman was captivated in ancient times. I think nowadays, if this romantic language is employed by a man, the woman’s reaction would not be the expected, as we know, in this century there is a small quantity of women who like romantic and sweet men, the others do not like it, they say that it is too boring and sickly.
    I consider myself as a romantic person when the situation deserves, I like being like this and I think that I am a lucky man after having read this scene; I think this is a treasure for people who love being romantic. We can take advantage of it as an example, but be careful not for copying ideas or plagiaries; I mean for be aware that it sounds wonderful.



    An absolutely romantic drama, written by, one of the most famous, and recognized writers in the world, William Shakespeare. When I started to read it, I did not know it was the most romantic scene, I knew, it was a very recognized scene in which a lot of people in the world tried to perform, but it was interesting to know it. On the other hand, reading this play, I discovered a series of loving event in which made me think about all those impossible loves that we could be known, or we lived with someone someday, and relieve those feelings reading this play. In addition to that, I enjoyed Romeo and Juliet in a romantic way, that is to say, in a quiet place, without noise, just me and those incredible events full of love.
    Furthermore, it was gratifying reading this scene because of the play presented different moments where each one of the characters expressed their feelings and thoughts about what they were really feeling, showed in very romantic phrases, but also understands the reason of that impossible love. Additionally, this play helped me to think about Romeo and Juliet, think about why a familiar trouble imped his love; I was inside this story nervous to imagine the final of that love.
    Consequently, we know love is not easy, is not easy to find, is not easy to understand, for that reason I must say in spite of our lives are not perfect, we, as human beings have the ability to learn about we lived, and at the end of the day we will be happy anyway. Today, love is different and there is more freedom and perhaps, there is no respect, but despite that some of us have the hope to find someone or if you have that person, enjoy every day and care of him/her, and of course be happy with ourselves and with others.

  34. “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare
    Comment by Yuly Paola Prada

    To begin, I would like to put into words that I love this play so much written by Shakespeare because it expresses the true love of a couple. Nevertheless, I am going to focus on the act II, scene II which is called “The Capulet’s orchard”. This act shows a magic scene that involves love; beauty and a lot of romanticism between the two main characters as we know named “Romeo and Juliet”

    Taking into account, the development of this scene, we know that Romeo and Juliet fell in love with a true and pure love between them. Unfortunately, their two families were not good friends because of a strong hate that they had felt for many years and maybe the passion of the both young would begin to break. In fact, this act presents two parts so different among them; one part illustrates the word “love” in a whole sense of a romantic story and the second part demonstrates totally the opposite, an obscure environment of death among two families.

    Finally, I can infer that the word “love” include an enormous fact in which people find and experiment many feelings, perhaps happiness, love, freedom, kindness; but also disappointment, sadness, sorrow caused by troubles and indifferences that are not easy to solve and they create a dark atmosphere every day stopping that people become happy.

  35. “Romeo and Juliet” is one of the masterpieces written by the greatest play writer of Anglo-Saxon literature, the genius William Shakespeare. The scene at Capulet’s orchard drives the reader to believe that Juliet is in a balcony when she really appears out of her room’s window. This was my first sensation, but while the rereading I realized this fact. Firstly, the play begins with the monologue of Romeo who draws in his mind the bright beauty of Juliet, secondly she speaks a little and then they get involved in a dialogue.

    Something that caught my attention is the maturity in the speech of these two teenagers; in fact, the deterrence of the young girl warning herself about the possible bad intentions of the lover boy. She hardly recommends him to stop promising such as marvelous things if his sakes are not pure. Another aspect is the evident disagreement of Juliet’s family. In those circumstances this deep love is built on the impossible. The characters always keep in mind the danger of their proximity, what feeds the flourishing feelings that, at this point, are immortal. The augury of an unhappy end invites death to take part all along in the act. In this sense, the author put together the extreme passions of a man who is in love. Thus, in one hand, Romeo feels in heaven by admiring directly his precious angel and in the other hand, he stays in the worst place for him on the Earth because in the right moment the Capulets discover him he could be murdered.

    Regardless the main characters are so young with strong feelings we all become represented on their situation, over all in the romantic part, maybe this is due to the acquaintance of the discourse. Besides, Romeo’s attitude is an example of making things happen because in the adult life we think more of reasonable acts, we do not use to taking that kind of risks. The good aspect and the most important, in my opinion is the adhesion of Juliet to the guy’s sentiments, considering that they have met just once and the possibilities to grow a relationship up are uncertain. In any case, the adventurer gets his purpose of establishing and ensuring the echo of his passionate heart in his “lady”.

  36. Romeo and Juliet

    First of all, I have to say that the scene in the balcony is very romantic, I like the way Romeo described Juliet as the most beautiful woman in the world, and even the moon had not the beauty the maid had. More than descriptions is how the real love they felt became in their power against their own nature: their names.

    Also, I liked the way Shakespeare showed the most strange feeling in the world; Love, in an epoch were parents made decisions over their children’s future and they could not decide what they want, they did not decide about love and the main reason for that forbidden feeling was the love they kept in their hearts knowing the relation between the families; they were enemies, so they could not be in love. For this situation they preferred to refuse and hate their names before to refuse their feelings.

    I enjoyed the play because I imagined the entire scene in my mind when I read it, but I have to say that I do not consider myself as a very romantic person, even I love my family and my daughter with all my heart, because I recognize them as my strongest aid.

    (Act II - Scene II)

    Romeo and Juliet is a tragic romance full of passion and glamour in which Love is the principal theme. When talking about books based on love, including the poetic romanticism they contain, it could definitely be the weakness of many women. This scene provides readers fantasy and different ways to express it through love.

    The text shows a way to express and to make quite clear a sentiment that best reflects Romeo’s feeling for Juliet. The descriptions made by Romeo about his emotions are full of hyperbole, metaphors, similes and images characteristics of love poetry. (The author describes the scene by using many literary figures. To support it, I would quote certain verbatim as follows.

    On the one hand, talking about metaphors, there are two I would like to bring out. Even though it is night, Romeo declares “What light breaks through that window? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun rising” (Metaphor) in order to show glorying in the greatness of her (Juliet) beauty. He also says that her eyes are “Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven”¬. Taken from a transcribed text into new English.

    On the other hand, the author uses a way to describe things by using a comparison, a simile to be more specific. He draws parallels with Juliet’s pulchritude and the moon. Another comparison was through a hyperbole “The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars” “Her eyes in heaven would stream so brightly through the skies that birds would sing and think it was morning¬”

    From my point of view, the phases of courtship, seduction techniques, and sensuality used through this play show Shakespeare’s romanticism. Alternatively, I would highlight from this written text the form of writing that directs itself particularly at someone, I infer the reader. All those elements allow us to feel inside this nostalgic story, Shakespeare's most popular archetypal story of young, teenage lovers.

    By: Shakespeare
    This wonderful and amazing master piece was written by “the greatest of all human dramatists” William Shakespeare, who was born at Stratford on Avon in Warwickshire, England. In this place, the poet saw first the light of the day in 1564, which later would be recognized, as the birthplace of ROMEO AND JULIET brilliant playwright.

    On the other hand, I was delighted when reading this drama, because I was really able to improve my knowledge about this master piece of the English literature. It was when making a literary analysis that I realized that “ROMEO AND JULIET” took place when the renaissance was flourishing as a strong movement in Verona, specifically in Italy, affecting not only literature but, all other arts, such as painting, architecture, and so forth. Thus, the development of English literature had huge reconnaissance with this story of love in which the main characters swore (literally), eternal love to each other. Also, the eternal love of that young couple was what I liked the most. I never read any story in which the characters died in behalf of love.

    Such an affection and tenderness made me fall in love, and I understood that impossible love does not exist; if you love someone by giving the best of you, your soul will be in peace, you will be a better person, you will be grateful, and happiness and blessings will come up to your life.

    In just a few words: “Everything becomes magnificent when falling in love”. In my personal experience, I can say that I would like to feel in love again, and actually, it is really tough when events from the past are able to make you become a ‘’cold’’ human being, although sometimes, it is only an armor, which can be removed by power of true love, again.

    A very romantic scene (act 2, scene 2), definitely a Shakespeare’s masterpiece, known as the best dramatist around the world. In this scene we as readers clearly noted the use of a passionate language very different from others due to the pleasant words, thoughts and comparisons expressed by Romeo to Juliet’s beauty using a soft tone of voice which moved us to that moment, and made us feel that love can fight against all the difficulties.

    Romeo, a Montague, and Juliet, a Capulet, surnames that were not obstacles to Romeo to took the risk and decide to declare his love to that beautiful girl on that balcony in a very romantic and polite way. In fact, Romeo was sure about his love spite of the disagreement of Juliet’s family, a hard situation which was not a barrier to go through that wall and promise his eternal love.

    I would like to say I really loved that scene, I felt in love with Romeo because we as women want a Romeo in our life too. However, that was a different epoch, we dream in someone who wants to be forever with us and of course if it is necessary fight for this feeling. Indeed, an amazing scene full of lovely vocabulary that made us think about real love and appreciate what we have today.

  40. "Romeo and Juliet"

    This theater piece (act two, scene two) called “The Capulet’s orchard” shows the behaviors and thoughts of people when they are in love; this piece has been played in different epochs, by different people of different ages. The masterpiece “Romeo and Juliet is well known by the theme of love, especially how love is presented; it is extremely impressive to read how these teenagers loved each other. With regard to this matter “love”, it is very interesting to read how Shakespeare used an indefinite list of vocabulary and adjectives that give voice to Romeo to describe the Juliet’s beauty, even more in the comparisons used by Romeo, he gives us a better understanding of the love he felt by Juliet. As a reader I can say: this scene exemplifies the real love that it is the point whereby people like this piece.

    Otherwise, we see how the drama is developed in dialogues in a very formal vocabulary, and how the writing of this, it is highly sentimental for showing the effects of love in a person; at this point I would like to say for me love is the biggest feeling that a human being can feel, when we are in love we can see life in a different way. From this point of view, the love that Romeo felt by Juliet is a reason why he expressed in that way. It is grateful to find readings that illustrated the true love in a couple of teenagers, when we think of teenagers it is so difficult to believe that young people feel the true love, nowadays when we see this situation in teenagers we often say “puppy love” that is understood as a passing love, however in this scene the situation is the contrary that finished in a tragedy.

    For concluding, I just want to say although the piece contains a metaphorical vocabulary that sometimes complicate the total comprehension even though it is fruitful to look for the vocabulary and try to look for the meaning of the sentences and realize how the use of comparisons make the reading comprehension a little difficult; another aspect to highlight it is the word love that qualified this story of love interpreted by Romeo and Juliet that lived an impossible love that was at the same time a true love.

  41. Nataly Guarín
    Romeo and Juliet
    Act II , Scene II

    This scene presents one of the most memorable passages of Shakespeare, it is here where Romeo and Juliet show their love to each other " in the balcony scene" one of the most famous and recognizable scenes of this play.

    Shakespeare tries to describe in detail Romeo and Juliet's romance using a great imagination, with this we can picture Romeo looking on the balcony toward a more genuine sign of love, and comparing Juliet with the sun and asking it to rise and kill the envious moon, also Shakespeare awake the readers on a traditional way, giving all their characters a special meaning of this play, to involve us as a readers..

    Secondly, another important aspect is the language that Shakespeare uses to make the play more interesting and to contextualize us as a readers, in a very formal way
    In Shakespeare's play we can see everything even without watch the movie just reading because of the whole list of formal and indefinite words that give Romeo and Juliet voice to exemplify and illustrated the love, drama, and all aspects from the act II scene II.

    To sum up, I would like to add that this story is an amazing and fascinating story that make us feel inside the play giving also a moral and reference of the meaning of the word love, that have been a confusing word for everyone since always and furthermore the story give us an explosion of emotions and demonstrations of love, a real feeling between the main characters Romeo and Juliet who felt in love and lived a frenetic and explosive story.
    Nataly Guarin.

  42. Carol Duque
    William Shakespeare

    ‘’LOVE’’, what a significant, subjective and confusing word.
    Since we are going through our childhood times, we are taught to love others, and to be loved as well. Although, there is a relevant aspect our parents forgot to tell us about, and it is ‘’heartbreaking’’.
    Now, what about Romeo and Juliet, was their love real? And was it real enough to overstep every bounding around? Well, I must say that this story is quite moving, and it makes us dream and desire one similar for us, it enables to believe again, to trust and to think of a different world, in which real love does exist. However, it becomes sad when we finish reading this magnificent piece, and our face get ‘’crashed’’ against reality, I could say it is a disappointing fact, because, if we see deep inside our society, we realize of a sudden, how unrealistic love is nowadays, not only because of ages change, but because of people distrust, nobody believes, faith is just a word some people use to draw different perspectives, even love in our families, respect and all those principles we were always hearing about in school, are disappearing, being exchanged for material and physical things.
    I do not know the moment in which all these great human feelings switched and turned into a lie but, I can say, no matter how mean the world will keep going, my faith and love will never be disrupted, I will always love others, as it was once said: ‘’I cannot change the whole world but, I can do my best in the little place I am’’.

  43. Romeo and Juliet
    William Shakespeare

    The most significant aspect of this drama written by William Shakespeare is that it attains to personify an “impossible love” between two teenagers, characterized by their impulsivity, strength and determination of both facing to all obstacles that are in front of them. All this takes place in Vienna (Italy) in the renaissance era, around 1595.

    Moreover, this drama is focused on the belief in the impossibility to change the destiny, and it highlights the big consequences that imply for the protagonists try to make it; showing a series of random events that lead to the tragedy.

    In Romeo and Juliet as in most of his works, William Shakespeare uses a unique literary quality that only he can use, and it takes us to a complete and wonderful world of a language word full of metaphors and elegies, like when Romeo describes Juliet with magnificent words of love.

    In fact, it is remarkable that Shakespeare is able to combine comedy and tragedy in the same work, for instance, he always keep a tension throughout the plot, especially at the end when Juliet dies and the reader hopes that she remains before Romeo takes the poison

  44. Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet, is one of these stories you will never forget , because it was always a kind of symbol of “love” in romantic stories around the world, in this story Shakespeare awake many feelings; for instance, it is natural to be involved while you are reading the story. One of the most remarkable aspects was the situation, in which they were because of the raging feud between the Montagues and Capulets. In spite of the circumstance, Romeo was willing to die for being close to Juliet.

    However, talking about the act 2 scene 2 “Capulet’s Orchard”, it was aesthetically pleasing scene more recognized by the famous phrase:” O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” This balcony scene has been adopted by several artists in romantic, comical and drama aspects. It shows Shakespeare’s works influence on subsequent theatre and art. The majestic words which expressed Romeo to Juliet were astonished and memorable besides the comparison between Juliet and the sun it was unimaginable. This scene was a real confrontation of love in which were involved just Juliet and Romeo by ignoring the problems and their real world, it is the love everybody wants to experiment, because it was pure, for me it was perfect.

    In general, Romeo and Juliet story inspires us and it is recognized as one of the most romantic play stories in Literature. This story makes me think about the importance of life because we are the only responsible of our decisions. In that way, for me the life loses sense without love, I consider love as the only way to be happy, when our love is unconditional, nothing can tear it asunder, for instance, as the Beatles says “All you need is love”.

  45. "Romeo and Juliet" - William Shakespeare

    Romeo and Juliet is a worldwide known tragedy written by the English poet, playwright, and actor William Shakespeare. It is a story about a prolonged mutual hostility between the Montague and Capulet families which disrupts the city of Verona. Love, brawls and revenge force the young star-crossed lovers to get married secretly. However, fate causes them to commit suicide in hopelessness, their unfortunate deaths eventually reconcile their feuding families. I have heard about this tragedy so many times throughout my life so having the possibility of reading and analyzing at least an act of the tragedy was really valuable. It was easy as reader to understand and share the feelings presented in the scene because it let interpret the characters' emotions as well as having an image of what a true innocent love could be.

    Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene Act 2 is the most famous Shakespeare’s romantic scene; for instance, while I was reading that scene I was able to picture the story and capture the characters’ vivid sentiments. On the one hand, Juliet Capulet, a lovely tender girl who started to perceive what falling in love meant, she loved Romeo even knowing they had not crossed a word yet, although she was a young lady perhaps 13 years old, she was able to forecast the effects of having a complicated love, she was afraid of the future consequences her relationship could lead, but she faced them until the last moment. On the other hand, Romeo Montague, a young boy who fell in love at first sight, a brave gentleman for whom neither his family nor his foes were going to be an obstacle to reach his true love. Personally, Romeo was a hero, his determination was remarkable, for example, he climbed the high stone walls of Juliet's home, his scars and injuries were nothing compared to be with his beloved; this committed action was a beautiful and honest sign of love.

    Historians and literature experts were not wrong to name Shakespeare as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's dramatist. Romeo and Juliet was a master piece, a tragedy with many layers such as rivalry and enmity, romanticism and sacrifice, grief and conciliation. Shakespeare was a real genius, not only Romeo and Juliet but all his other works including sonnets and short lyric poems were evidence of his exceptional intellectual and creative ability to combine a variety of elements in his compositions.


    First of all, I would like to say that I have heard a lot of things about this story, on the one hand, people that loved it and, on the other hand people that really hated it. When I read it for the first time, I liked it because of the writing style and the magical love reflected in its lines, another aspect that caught my attention was the couple, Romeo and Juliet, living a rare and crazy love in that unusual place called The Capulet’s orchard.

    The author William Shakespeare was definitely a genius, he drove us to imagine the romantic scene as if we were witnessing it. Regarding the act, it is evident that Romeo and Juliet, fell in love quickly, with a true and pure love. Unfortunately for the lovers, their two families were enemies, the reasons were unknown, but what it was visible, was the strong link between them. For Romeo, Juliet was the most beautiful maid he had ever seen; he compared her beauty to the magnificence of the angels and the sky.

    Although I do not like love stories, I would like to say that the story was really amazing and striking, what seemed to me a bit difficult was the language and some words. For me it would be amazing if I could find a love compared to this, because Romeo and Juliet’s affection was the love that everybody wants, an unconditional person that could fight to stay by my side, a pure and disinterested relationship, however, nothing is forever and the happy endings are just for fairy tales.

  47. I have actually never read “Romeo and Juliet” before but I have seen a lot of tributes and parodies of it in a vast quantity of movies, series, animated series and so, especially this scene where Juliet is standing on the balcony; therefore, I had an idea of what it would be like, and it is interesting to know the original words behind all those tributes/parodies to understand the greatness of its letters. Shakespeare’s style of writing is indeed marvelous and emotive because he succeeds in expressing a variety of feelings with just a few words. He selects perfectly each word to encompass more than simple phrases; they are a reflection of the heart.

    I understand now why he is claimed as a genius dramatist of all times. The love portrayed in this scene is so powerful that I cannot imagine what it would be like during the rest of the story; neither can I envision the suffering waiting for them at the end. Romeo and Juliet fell in love after seeing each other, none word was needed to spark the flame inside them; sadly, their love was as brief as a shooting star. I believe that the reason why this play became such a success is due to its eternal place during the history; I mean any story about love ending tragically is not dated, today we still observe how love has to fight against many difficulties to prevail, and sometimes the ending is as sad as Romeo and Juliet’s. Another charm that this play has is its concept about love at first sight; some people believe in finding their soul mate, others think it is an illusion. However, whether you believe it or not, Romeo and Juliet’s story appeals people from both sides to either enjoy the magic of their love or refute the inconsistencies about their story and reality. The question is: which side are you on?

    I personally believe in love. I have my doubts about love at first sight but I strongly believe that there is love for each one of us; it is just that we live in a world where it seems so distant that many people think it does not exist. We all have our own convictions and the reasons behind them and nobody can say who is right or who is wrong, but I think people should try it despite the difficulties waiting ahead because the reward is priceless at the end.


    Romeo and Juliet is a theater masterpiece written by Shakespeare. This love and tragedy story is known all around the world and it is one of the most popular works of this British author. Although ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was written in the sixteenth century, it remains in force due to Shakespeare’s ability to express with words the love felt by Juliet and Romeo.

    This author did an excellent work when writing this story because he called readers’ attention and augmented the story suspense by changing from tragedy to comedy immediately and without changing the structure of the masterpiece. In the act I, scene I it is presented a fight; and later on, in the act II, scene II there is a complete change because the author shows us a very romantic scene in which the beginning of Romeo and Juliet relationship is shown.

    Finally, I think this story make us remember that real love does exist, it shows us that there are not obstacles that love can not overcome. Although the main topic of this story is the love, Shakespeare also showed the fatal consequences of an absurd rivalry between families. So, for me; although Romeo and Juliet’s deaths were due to a misunderstanding, that fact helped to end up with the enmity between Capulet and Montague.


    Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous masterpieces of the English literature, it was written by William Shakespeare during the middle age, this writer is recognized by his contributions to art. I have always heard of this epic tragedy called Romeo and Juliet, many Latin American shows such as El Chavo del Ocho or even Hollywood movies, have tried to recreate some scenes of the love story between these two teenagers but I have never had the opportunity to read the original story before.

    By performing a comparison of Act I, Scene I and Act II, Scene II, it is impressive the ability that Shakespeare had to create such strong feelings among his characters. He created, in the first scene, a battle with an offensive dialogue between Capulet and Montague’s supporters and in the second scene, he wrote verses full of love and tenderness, which Romeo and Juliet dedicated to each other.

    The balcony scene is beautiful. For me, it is ironic to think that people from families who have always been rivals could have felt such a pure love, above the risks that this entails them because the enemies of the parents became the enemies of the children. I consider myself a romantic person, but not as much as Romeo was, not even close. I think it would be an appropriate story to read because in twentieth-first century, love had become shallow and it is nourished by social networks and messages, because of that lovers do not take risks for their partner. I just hope love will not become just part of a "mercantilism feeling" as appliances are today: they frequently are changed when people are bored.


    As most of the people I have heard about the Romeo and Juliet story since I was a child, I have seen a lot of parodies, animations and all kind of versions of it; for that reason, I had a great background about the thematic when I read it. However, I have to clarify that it was the first time I read it in English and it made the story more exciting because although I knew what the characters said in Spanish, in English it became different and it was necessary to search the unknown words and think a lot to look for the best meaning of Shakespeare’s words.
    The author established different paradigms through his playwright, first the eternal hatred between the Montagues and the Capulets that did not let to flourish their love, it was the factor that triggered all the events that happened afterwards. Second, the idea of love at first sight; they did not know each other and they fell in love immediately which could be considered just a part of a fairy tale; a love of unreal people. Last but not least, is the notion of a strong relationship of a few days that ended as tragedy with two “martyrs” who died defending his feelings and ideals, no matter all the problems they had to lead with.
    I enjoyed reading it but I did not love it, I could not get involved with the story because for me it was dreamlike, I could never see the characters as real people in a real situation. Nevertheless, I admit that I loved Juliet because I always thought that Juliet tried to escape from an environment that would not let her develop and the best option she had was Romeo, but after all the problems she got, and Romeo’s death the only option she found was committing suicide, she was coward but brave at the same time. Maybe my favorite part was the end because it was no the classical “lived happily ever after”

  51. Romeo and Juliet is a play I have always wanted to read and by reading this act the idea got bigger, this is the most tragic love story, it can drive the reader crazy and make him feel like he cannot do anything to help the main characters continue with their romance and avoid the confusing suicide situation they got through. Also, the hate between the two families gives the reader a bittersweet feeling and makes him nervous and tense in every encounter the couple has, as if he were an accomplice and can also be caught by the families.
    Besides the love story, I would like to read this playwright to see by myself the greatness and genius of this author that still is an important literature referent nowadays. I would like to witness the writing and the way he uses the literary figures as he develops such an elaborated story with many details, which I think is very complicated and admire writers who manage this type of work. I would like to read this great writer.
    I like love stories because they seem to be unreal sometimes due to the perfection they show, but Romeo and Juliet is not the classical fairy tale happy ending wedding kind of story, I really like the suspense and tragedy the situation has, the roller coaster the story has is really overwhelming and also unreal but in a different way.

  52. Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection for something or someone, but how far-reaching is your love? Shakespeare wrote maybe the most famous love story, “Romeo and Juliet”. Two people destined to be together but separated owing to their family names.

    Romeo doted upon Juliet so much that he risked his life climbing up the Juliet’s house walls just for seeing her. Those kind of gusty and gallant acts which were embellished with the tenderest expressions that a woman could hear from a male made Juliet fell in love with Romeo. He really knew wooding a female with compliments. They fight for being always together without considering the consequences. This unique and honest love story had a tragic final, both of them died poisoned.

    That is why, I started this comment with a question. What are you willing to do for your beloved? In my opinion, if someone asks me that, I answer him “more than you could imagine”. However, I will not die for someone just for showing her I loved her. It is thick. Thus, in a relationship, we should balance our feelings for somebody in order to not die for love.

  53. First of all, I want to say that “Romeo and Juliet” has been one of the most famous plays of Shakespeare and its main characteristic is that all the play involves love and passion. At first sight, when I read the title I could imagine that Shakespeare used a clear heading to say that these names were going to have a special connection in the story because they would be the main members of the cast; in addition, most of the writers reflect the main character or characters in their works’ titles.

    Talking about “Romeo and Juliet”, we can highlight that this play shows an unstoppable love of two young people but this story is not perfect; inasmuch as, there are two families: the Montagues and the Capulets, so Romeo belongs to one family and Juliet to the other one. Therefore, these two young guys have a forbidden love because their families hate each other; however, Romeo and Juliet love each other. This can be a terrible disproof but Shakespeare makes it the sweetest and the most romantic one.

    In my view, forbidden love is the worldliest topic around the all families in the world because if it is not the father who bans his daughter to have a relationship with a poor man, it is the mother who forbids her son to go out with a simple girl because this girl or that boy could not give a good future to their children. To be honest, all those problems related to forbidden love are involved in a greedy world where money is the reason why parents refuse their daughters-in-law or their sons-in-law. As far as I am concerned, love should be pure and real and these should be the only reasons to struggle for this beautiful feeling.

    Romeo and Juliet is probably the most transcendental love story of all times; the passion, the innocence, the tenderness, the tragedy, the revenge, and the hate, all integrated in one legend that has survived thought the time and adversities.

    This tragic love between two young lovers that had to face the fact that they can be together in live because of their family dispute is definitely Shakespeare way to show that love is a great and wonderful feeling, that being in love is unquestionable the event that can change our life for better or worse. Not only has the story in itself caught our attention, but Shakespeare melody and romanticism creating the most beautiful and honest lines that are not commonly seen in histories or in real life but we all imagine and desire excluding obviously the tragedy part.

    Even when I not believe in first at first sight, inflated feeling or think that necessary you fall in love with beautiful words I could not avoid to get deeply touch with this second this second scene, I was nostalgic an excited with every Romeo and Juliet’s love declaration and I even felt like I was in that balcony in a real situation as them, so I could not imagine how would I feel if I read all the scenes.

  55. The best writer ever William Shakespeare describes the act II scene II of “Romeo and Juliet” as a paradox of human existence wherein humans redefine themselves their substance as a behavior – emotion with an exaggerated mentality in their different scopes.

    In this story the author makes us notice those aspects that contradict what love essentially is; for example, by giving existence to a character “Romeo” Shakespeare depicts that love is an irrational conduct; nay, that love is a behavior – emotion because this guy carries out dangerous and foolish issues in order to get to know “Juliet”. Furthermore, the way he express himself and the language used reflect an exaggeration of feelings and emotions showing that love is an exaggeration of those previously mentioned. We can also take Romeo as the representation of an obsessive man because he had not even met and chatted to Juliet and he was of a sudden declaring his love to her, to someone that he does not know, nor her way of being or her substance. So, who was he in love with? Maybe, that was not love but attraction, what means a different feeling. It is possible to represent Juliet as a believer because she does not even know what she wants or what her suitor is like and she affirms to love and adore an unknown presence.

    Finally, the drama of Romeo and Juliet is essentially a representation of mankind’s misunderstandings about their own existence because most of them act in an exaggerated way or are impelled by an excessively emotional – attitude in order to give importance to something and consequently to obtain their desires what argue that even if they have free will, auto - determination, reasoning; most of their actions are a result of a non-awareness attitude or an impetuous conscious, isolating their reflexive conscious that lets them to rate and estimate their own fulfillment.